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We take care of your daily chore. We take away the burden of shopping and of cooking your supper meals daily. Our private chefs shop, cook and deliver ready meals at your doorsteps, weekly.

From far West of Africa through to The Philippines, our mission is to bring-up the lesser-known cuisines at the fort front of our catering service. Make your event even more special and unique with our touch of quirkiness.

We curate some of the finest and most passionate cooks with recipes, techniques, and stories to share from all over the world. Book a one-on-one class, throw a party with a difference, or meet other like-minded food-lovers at one of our open workshops and be prepared to leave feeling inspired. We take our passion very seriously.

Looking to experience a truly foodie London? InspiringChefs host some exciting foodie experiences here in London. Let IC founder Carine take you on a trip to the market for authentic ingredients and learn about Cameroonian cuisine at an in-depth cooking class, or enjoy an 8-course West African banquet. Choose from our selective set of experiences: Matango Supperclub - A Cameroonian Foodie round-up. Pickle & Mingle - Lacto-Ferment inspired Experience. Brunching The Cameroonian Way. Ail Des Ours - A Very Tempting Foraging Experience.