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Want A Website? does exactly what it says. See your yourself -
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After 35 years in the IT industry I've worked with hundreds of companies, small and large, to assist with their ebusiness needs, from building websites to guiding them on the use of social media, with functionality ranging from purely informational through to full ecommerce sites.



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The best websites are those that deliver the right information to visitors when they want it - and as quickly as possible, irrespective of the device they are using.

The visitor should be able to tell in a moment exactly what you do and what's in it for them; typically you have less than five seconds to make the right impression before they leave.

A competent website looks clean and fresh and easily readable - remember that not all visitors have excellent vision. They must be easy to navigate with information where it should be - the fewer keystrokes the better.

Once they like what they see they have to be able download information, perhaps to get in touch with the minimum of effort. Alternatively, buying from you should be a simple task - and secure.

If you offer support, make sure it is easy to access, and if it is a chargeable service, make them feel they are getting value for money.

There are dozens of possible questions on this subject. Below I have listed the more immediate and essential ones to be getting on with. Before you work your way through them I'll say that all of this might seem like a lot of work, however it is mostly quite straight forward - because you know more than you might think you do!

I am happy to guide you through this process to ensure your success.:

1. Have you had a website of your own before? If so, do you have a Google analytics account?
2. Do you own a domain? Have hosting? Or are you starting from scratch?
2. Do you have content (text and images) prepared that you want to put on your new website? A logo/colour theme?
3. What does your business do - in your words? What makes it special?
4. What do you want your website to do for you and your business? Informational, contact, selling product? Start small, build up? Make a short list.
5. Can you identify and define your target audience?
6. Do you already use social media? Do you generate any business from your social media?
7. Are there three websites out there that you really like?
8. When do you want your website to be live?

My favourite part of this job is working with people - getting them on the ebusiness ladder and watching their success come from our joint efforts. This is because I know that success is always a team effort.

There were a number of factors in this decision. As I worked all over the world creating solutions to problems using local resources, I realised I was essentially working for myself, completing targets and projects for someone mostly un-involved in my efforts. The move was a natural progression.

You will see from my testimonials that I fully engage in my projects to ensure their success. I help my customers understand the whole process. If they choose to manage the website themselves, I instruct them on how the website was built, the facilities within, what to change to get the best out of it and, of course, how to back it up. To minimise cost of the build, I will use free of cost plugins and templates where possible. If you have specialist needs I will investigate these prior to confirming a price for the project. For a full summary of my project methodology, please visit http://wantawebsite.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/



WantAWebsite can help you with your hosting needs; everything from setting up your hosting, transferring a website from one to another, and domain purchase or transfer. Sometimes getting your website up and running is not as straight forward as television adverts lead you to believe. We can help you safely navigate these waters and take live a website that satisfies your needs. Using our significant expertise we can help you succeed.

Today's Internet is a complex and noisy place in which you strive to be noticed. There are a large number of platforms on which you might depend to drive business among the thousands of your competitors. Some of these platforms are free to use, others will cost you. Search engines also offer advertising mechanisms at a price. How do you know which is best for you?

Social media is not just about sharing what you had for lunch or arbitrary opinions. For business it is a very positive way of connecting directly with your customers, helping them with issues and being seen to support their needs. This positive approach in turn has been shown to drive more business. It prevents arbitrary and uncontrollable reviews online from becoming the experience barometer for prospective clients. Through appropriate use of social media you can manage and support the reality of your business. Let us help you to achieve better results.

You know your business. You know your products. You may feel capable of writing about them. But what if you're not so confident or simply lack the time to spend on this activity. Wantawebsite has copywriting services that span just about every conceivable market sector, from mortgages to dog accessories. If you want a professional, reasonably fast copywriting service, then get in touch. We can help you for whatever purpose, it doesn't have to be for website content.

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, has for many years been seen as a black art, something that only specialists can cope with . Modern websites, especially when using content management systems such as WordPress make this achievable by the owner of the website. With a little guidance WantAWebsite can help you master this essential requirement to make your website great and not just good.