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Dr. Jakub Tencl, MHS (Acc) (Dip Psychology) attended HMI's College and Clinic of Hypnotherapy where he received his Diploma in Hypnotherapy. He also collected 200 clinical hours, which led to his certification by the National Guild of Hypnotists.


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Jovita April

In my opinion, Jakub is unprofessional and dishonest.


Lewis Sasha

Very Professional ! I'm THRILLED with the results of the work with Jakub. I continue to listen to my "taped" sessions, although I no longer feel the need to listen to them each and every night. I'm feeling great.


Alexander Gray

I've been so intrigued about hypnotherapy for so long and finally reached out to Dr. Jakub. He is a real professional and educated me even further on the subject. His methodology seems to work fantastic and I'm feeling better than I ever have. Thank you Dr. Jakub! Highly recommended. More...


Edit Tichá

I see myself who I am with Jakub. I have the option to experience a new feelings within my body as an outcome of the therapy. I see the changes that I brought in work with him. I feel more joy and stillness in my life. Thank you Jakub. More...


Fra Jan

I have attended seminary aimed at self-acceptance, called Lovefullness. I think that Lovefullnes is a simple approach that brings people happiness and helps them to relieve common pain, suppressed fears and negative feelings. I was happy that I could experience self-acceptance and that I will be able to share my insights with all people who I love. More...

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