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Nottingham, Mansfield, Leicester, Derby, Nottinghamshire

12 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Hypnoassistance Ltd

Nottingham, Mansfield, Leicester, Derby, Nottinghamshire

12 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Shayne Rice BA(Hons) D.Hyp and Diane Brown D.Hyp are both qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists, Mind Coaches and Smoking Cessation Therapists.

We offer a very friendly and personable service taking extended time to fully explain what hypnosis is, and what hypnosis isn't.


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Maryanne Holmes

5 September 2019

I went to Diane in June for an initial consultation i was very impressed with her there was no pressure and even though i booked my gastric band session i cancelled at the last minute not sure why. I eventually plucked up the courage to have it done 3 weeks ago Diane was lovely made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. 3 weeks in iv lost 13lb and found that im not picking or snacking in between meals iv not had a take away or fast food trip. Not craved chocolate crisps ir snacks even during the dreaded week a month. Im no longer scared about eating out or eating worrying about what i will eat all the time. Im eating normal food what i fancy but just making sure its on my blue plate. Can honestly say visiting Diane has totally changed my view and relationship towards food and im enjoying everything i eat with no guilt involved im totally 100% satistied with my portion and not been hungry in between meals. More...


Kath Woods

16 August 2019

So on the 16th may I went for hypnosis to have a virtual gastric band fitted! Nothing is ever simple with me so there has been no huge weight loss but I have lost gradually and today I finally hit 1 stone down. As someone who has battled her weight the whole of my adult life this is fantastic for me, there has been no drastic diets and no deprivation, just smaller portions, lots of water and small changes, have still had treats just not as often. This is the most optimistic I have ever felt about my weight and i look forward to posting another stone loss in another 3 months More...


Sarah Nuris

6 August 2019

5***** Brilliant!! It's been 4 weeks since I went to fit my virtual gastric band. I have probably lost around 4,5kg. I don't feel snacking, I probably eat the same but less quantity. The audio to listen at home helps lot. Definitely I will recommend it and I want to bring my friend's daughter for a session. 8th of July 65kg approximately 6h of August 60.5 kg approximately Thanks a lot!! More...


Fiona Stocks

2 August 2019

7 days into my journey after having the hypnosis gastric band and I'm 6lb down already.. I only had a stone to loose and we all know that last bit of weightloss is the hardest to shift. I went with an open mind and must say I'm so pleased with the difference it's made. My mindset towards food is totally different. I want to make the changes to my diet and no longer crave the bad foods. I stick to my portion sizes with no problems, sometimes not even finishing the plate which was my worst problem. I never left a plate with food on b4. The confidence it gives you to succeed is amazing. I Can't recommend diane enough. If your unsure or sceptical about this I say just give it a try and it may surprise u happy customer More...


Endevour Victoria King

13 July 2019

I went to see Diane nearly 4 weeks ago. My problem was CHOCOLATE. Spending £50/75 a WEEK of my wages on the stuff, (£2/300 a month wasted) and have done so for the last 6 years. To be fair, I thought, there's no way this is going to work. How wrong was I. No chocolate in 21 DAYS!!! And Diane is so lovely to talk to.. actually listens . So yes..give her a go. I'm now spending money on driving lessons instead of chocolate. More...


Steve N Marina Cocker

5 July 2019

I came to see Diane not long ago, she is so nice & pleasant. But in all fairness I didn’t think that hypnosis would work for me but oh my god how I was wrong my portion sizes has dropped, I don’t feel guilty about throwing away leftovers that the kids have left. I’ve become more aware of foods in general. Also since seeing Diane I’ve lost a total of 10 lbs & overall 8 inches. Thank you so much Diane ❤️ More...


Kirsty Lucy Carmichael

29 June 2019

I had hypnosis to have the hypnotic gastric band fitted a couple of months ago. I lost 10lbs in my first week and I am still steadily losing weight. I am now nearly 1.5 stone down. I would recommend having his done and Diane is so lovely. xx More...


Lynne Ledger

17 June 2019

well worth a visit to Diane ,in 6 weeks I have lost 1stone 6 pounds ,a great achievement for me ,I still eat normal food smaller portion and fuller for longer a big thank you Lynne x


Nicky Carlisle

7 June 2019

i would highly recommend, i visited 6 weeks ago,i no longer snack,my portion size has really changed, i eat 3 meals a day ,drink 5 to 6 pints of water a day which i never imagined I'd be able to do. i have more confidence & feel more relaxed. More...


Jeanette Fearn

14 May 2019

7lb in a week loss , feel so much better in myself . no food cravings so far at all ....


Sammy Sabin

30 April 2019

cant thank this lady enough! since going to see her I haven't craved any junk food, iv ate 3 healthy, small meals a day and been drinking water inbetween, after trying every diet going and completely failing to stick to it, i was convinced this wouldn't work for me either but iv lost 11lbs in 3weeks and feeling positive about my future weight loss


Michele Meller

29 April 2019

I visited this lovely lady on the 12 th April and I am already down 13lb , I felt at ease all the time and found that Diane actually listens to you and talks to you not at you , I had the gastric band session and it’s working well for me , I’m never hungry i snack at on fruit at whereas before it would be chocolate biscuits and crisps , My advice would be do the research , read the reviews ,go along to the free half hour session and embrace the whole experience , I certainly did Thank you Diane ,it’s reassuring to know that your on the end of the phone if I need you !


Becki Hooley

27 April 2019

I've waited a week to give my review and experience of the virtual gastric band so it's a fair and balanced one. The session was very relaxing and I learnt a lot from Diane about myself and my habits. The effect for me was immediate, I had food in the car for after my session but I didn't feel I wanted it! Things that have happened this week are: I've stopped snacking, massively reduced my portions, started eating a little more fruit and salad and stopped craving the carb foods I used to love. I have lived my life stress free, been to the pub for afternoons with the family and had a (small) KFC with the kids and the gastric band has had my back through it all. I've lost an inch off my hips and waist! In my first week I've lost 7lbs and never felt bloated since I've had it! I'd highly recommend this and Diane More...


Sepideh Soumeh Saraei

25 April 2019

i did long time ago in my country and i loose 25 kilos


Jane Middleton

20 April 2019

This message is for all those considering this. I went to see Diane last Tuesday and boy oh boy is she worth a visit. I will be completely honest with you. I was very unsure about the process and was nervous. . When I was being put in to the hypnosis “sleep “. I thought To myself this isn’t going to work I’m not even hypnotised. Even though Diane was so nice professional and thorough. I felt wide awake and with it. How wrong could I be. I crave crisp bread and savoury things and because I enjoy eating so much i was eating chocolate too when I’m not even bothered about it. Since Tuesday, the 16th of April I can honestly say I’ve not eaten or craved anything of the above at all. Not even licked my fingers when preparing lunch for my granddaughter today, chocolate spread and crisps. I seriously cannot tell you what I feel like. This virtual gastric band and Diane are amazing!!!!! I would and have recommended this to my friends and family. Thank you Diane I am forever grateful xx More...


Theresa Pannell

1 April 2019

Had my virtual gastric band fitted on the 22nd march. already i have lost 10lb.I haven't craved any fatty foods or naughty treats. Diane is a lovely lady and made me feel so relaxed.i would highly recommend having this done, its changed my life. More...


Sarah Petitjean Archer

3 March 2019

It’s been a week since hypnosis and I’ve lost an inch from my Belly and bum


Lindsey Blades

28 February 2019

I had the virtual gastric band at the end of January 2019, since then I have lost 15lb in total, I haven’t eaten crisp, chocolate ect since I have been to see Diane. I feel healthier and fitter already and cannot wait to see my end goal. I would highly recommend if you struggle with dieting and have tried all sorts of other options and did not succeed. Diane is also such a lovely lady x More...


Fiona Smith

14 January 2019

When greeted by Diane I instantly felt at ease. She helped me understand my food habits and the way i see food...in a way she cleared the fog and made me realise I've got to look at food differently and helped me with portion sizes and portion control also to eat more regularly. Within my first week of having the hypnosis ive lost 6lb thanks Diane for helping me I'm looking forward to the future xx More...


Allison Hare

17 December 2018

I had my ‘gastric band’ fitted on 7 October and I have lost a stone so far. My cravings for sweet things have stopped and I now eat a lot smaller portions. I would definitely recommend Diane to anyone. More...


De Gibson

10 October 2018

I had my gastric band fitted a year ago and can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made after years of yo yo dieting with slimming world . I have lost 3 stone and would definately recommend having this done. Diane is lovely and explains everything to you clearly and makes you feel at ease More...


Amanda Hull

18 September 2018

I'm 8 weeks in now and have lost a stone. Don't crave the high calorie foods I used to any more and don't over eat. it's completely changed the way I feel about food. would highly recommend. Hoping to lose another 2 stone but am confident that this is achievable. Well on track to that little black dress for Christmas. More...


Dannii Hudson

27 July 2018

Diane is fantastic, and the hypnosis was well worth it. I'm currently on my second week after receiving the gastric band hypnosis treatment. I've now lost a stone!!! My portions are a fraction of what they used to be, and my cravings have completely vanished!! I can't wait to see more results thank you for kick starting my new life!!! � More...


Rhiannon Broughton

8 June 2018

Had the virtual gastric band a few weeks ago and I'm so happy I've lost weight meals are small and healthy and I feel great Dianne was really nice and talked me through the process. Very friendly atmosphere. I'm happy I went. More...


Suzy Cornwell Ball

8 June 2018

I have had the gastric band & my husband & I went and got hypnotised to stop smoking! My plates are still small, I am slowly loosing weight & haven’t had a cigarette since we went! I’m amazed at the affect and how easy giving up was! Thank you Diane x More...


Jaime Newton

6 June 2018

4 weeks ago I had my hypnotic gastric band and I am so pleased with the results I have lost 17 lbs I'm eating healthy smaller portions I'm not craving chocolate or crisps anymore and haven't eaten any in the last four weeks I would highly recommend this so thank you Diane xx


Heather Kimber

4 June 2018

I had my virtual gastric band fitted 9 weeks ago and have lost 24 lb in weight and 1 clothes size so far, I was skeptical about it working for me but I haven't wanted or eaten chocolate or biscuits since , I eat alot more healthier now . I go on long walks with my dogs n swim 42 lengths once a week and enjoy it now . Thanks Diane . More...


Kelly Boswell

6 May 2018

I went to diane last friday the 27th of april i was i little sceptical but was very intrigued so i had to try it ....this was either going to be the best 70 pound i had spent or not a great loss ....well i just cant belive it i eat less now small plates all the way i haven't touched chocolate or crisps since i had it done and had no cravings for them which is amazing i drink more water now and the first thing i reach for if i wanna snack is fryit without even thinking about it ....today i weighed myself i knew i had lost some as i could feel it ...but jesus ive lost 10 pounds in 8 days how that is even possible i dont know ....i highly recommend this treatment to anyone im so happy ....thanks diane xxx More...


Susan Davies

1 May 2018

It's been 10 day since having my band fitted. I have lost 6 and half pounds. I could not have done it with out Dianes help. She made me so relaxed and is the nicest lady ever. I would recommend anyone to have this done. This as chanced me I really do not need to have a large meal to fill me up. Thank you Diane for your help. Xx More...


Hannah Cripps

12 April 2018

Just want to say thank you to Diane! I had my virtual gastric band 6 weeks go and I have lost 10lbs! My relationship with food has totally changed as I was a massive chocaholic and now I still eat chocolate but not half as much as I did! I worked out that I did slimming world for 2 months and lost 7lbs and i stuggled so this is by far the best decision I have done and a permanent way of being healthy and staying thinner! I reccomened it to everyone! More...


Michelle Ward

12 April 2018

Although I was nervous and apprehensive about doing this I had such a good experience.. Diane is such a lovely women and put me straight at ease.. I went to see Diane because I struggle with my weight and in 2 weeks I have lost 9lbs and I am over the moon.. A big thank you to Diane � More...


Jo Clark

15 March 2018

As a former weight watchers leader I know about healthy eating and weight loss but over years and doing an office job my weight crept up. I went to see Diane about 5 weeks ago, after a colleague who's doing fantastically recommended her. I had the virtual gastric band and very soon my mindset changed. I've cut my portion sizes by half and only have treats a couple of times a week. I get full much quicker and I go for healthy food instead of pastries or cakes. I definitely recommend Diane. More...


Dawn Jackson

24 January 2018

I went to see Diane just over a week ago to help me lose some weight with the virtual gastric band technique which I can honestly say has been very helpful I have lost 31/2 lb in just over a week I’m really pleased thankyou xx


Alice Ward

23 December 2017

Well Diane you did it!! Thank you so much for this life changing experience. I recommend anyone who is thinking of going through with it, don't wait any longer. Diane is so friendly, makes u feel very much at ease and always there if u need help afterwards. Xx More...


Tracy Causer-staples

26 November 2017

So just less than 4 weeks ago I saw Diane and had my virtual gastric band fitted. Today I hit the scales at an amazing 18lb loss. Yesterday I joined the gym. I could never have imagined this would be the case. Long way to go yet but thanks to diane I am well on my way. Thank you doesn't even come close, you have given me control of my life for the first time in more years than I can remember More...


Karen Johnston

14 November 2017

I have had the virtual gastric band fitted now for 3 days.. I have seen a positive change in my eating habits. I eat smaller portions, I eat healthier and more often and I veer towards the healthier options without any thought. I have not snacked and I have not felt hungry at all. AND best of all I have lost 2lbs without any effort. The best part is I feel positive and good in my skin and I look forward to the evening relaxation & reinforcement sessions. Highly recommended. THANK YOU DIANE More...


Charlotte Green

25 October 2017

What a lovely lovely lady and such an amazing experience. I’ve only given 4 stars because I need to be realistic and see if it works first but I am feeling very positive as I’ve left some of my tea and that is very rare that happens! �


Larraine Loz Gundel

24 October 2017

Went for the virtual gastric band with Diane & in 4 days lost 5 & 1/2 pounds.. My portion sizes are so much smaller & my attitude to food has changed substantially. Can’t thank Diane for her help.. xx More...


Beverley Orme

23 October 2017

I went there on the 13th October I went and had the hypnosis gastric band fully expecting it not to work. Well in 10 days I've lost 8lb. I'm not on the hunt for snacks, I've not had a chocolate bar and for those who know me that's that's staggering , I'm leaving food on my plate and my meals are smaller. If you have thought about doing it then do it !!! More...


Diane Fern

18 October 2017

6 weeks ago I went to see Diane about stopping smoking, I have smoked heavily for 40+ years, Diane was wonderful and from that meeting I haven't had a cigarette since. Highly recommended. Thank you x


Andrew Donaldson

15 October 2017

6 months since i stopped smoking. Hate the smell of them now . Rapid change from 60 a day for over 25 years. Sense of taste is now so much better. Cant thank diane enough �


Sue Shaw

5 October 2017

First week after band fitting lost 3.5lb (this was after weekend away in the middle where I would normally put on about 5 lb ). Has completely change my attitude towards food and my portion sizes. Thank you so much Diane I now feel confident that I can reach my goal. Xx More...


Jackie Harrison

3 October 2017

Well its been a week since I had my virtual gastric band fitted I went in with a view that this wouldn't work on me well I was wrong I have lost 6 and a half pounds in a week and finding my eating habits have totally change I no longer snack inbetween meals avoid salty foods (Which was my down fall) and think before I put anything in my mouth is it health ,i now drink more water (a lot more) instead of squash and fizzy drinks I can only thank Diane as I have been on every diet know to man but loose my will power after a couple of months my average weight loss on any diet is 2st then I give in this is my last ditch attempt to get my mind into the right place which it seems to be at the minute I will update in a couple of months to let you know where I'm at P.S listening to the recorded top up message and drinking water it really does help so once again thank you Diane xx More...


Emma Louise Potts

25 September 2017

So, last Wednesday I went and got the virtual gastric band 'done'. I was a tiny bit sceptic if it was going to work, but it really bloody has. My portion sizes are smaller, I'm fuller for longer AND my self esteem and confidence has soared. So far in 4 1/2 days I've lost just under 4lbs All thanks to this wonderful lady Diane at Hypnoassistance. I feel wonderful and for the first time i actually feel like I'm going get my weight under control. Next is smoking but that's further down the line! Cannot thank Diane enough � More...


Baz Barrett

12 September 2017

Very helpful. plenty of advice and assistance where necessary.


Lesley French

11 September 2017

I saw Diane at the end of July 2017 for smoking cessation. Diane made me feel really comfortable and I wasn't apprehensive at all. It's now September and I can honestly say from the moment I walk out of her house I was a non smoker. I haven't felt like lighting up and it's as if I never smoked, I can't remember what it was like to smoke. Thank you Diane x I would urge anyone thinking about giving up smoking have a chat to Diane about being hypnotised. More...


Carley Travis

6 September 2017

Fantastic, day 3 into my virtual gastric band and it's going great,i can only manage small meals, have no interest in sweet thing and cravings to drink water are crazy!! Diane is lovely and makes you feel at ease from the start. Couldn't recomend more highly :) More...


Shelley Garfield

9 August 2017

After 1 session with Diane i already feel a big improvement and so much more relaxed, thankyou so much �onwards n upwards from now on..looking forward to our next session xx More...


Pat Walsh

7 August 2017

hi..just want to say I visited Diane yesterday morning for help to quit smoking, I have tried everything and this was my last resort..I was a little apprehensive but on arrival Diane made me feel relaxed and calm.I know it's early days but I haven't had a cigarette or craved one since..and I know deep down in have cracked it (gave up the dirty habit ) with the help of Diane...Thank you so much �will keep on posting updates on my success � More...


Kimberley Davis

7 August 2017

Visited Diane for deeply embedded anxiety..felt a million times better after first session..completly changed my life


Michelle Forbes

30 July 2017

Thank you so much for your help in making me become a none smoker. I have tried everything and this was my last resort, you are very welcoming and made me feel at ease right from the get and now I have achieved my goal. Brilliant service x


Amy Spademan

26 July 2017

Absolutely fantastic and if been feeling on top of the world since I went. Thankyou xxx


Clair Whiffin-Honey

23 July 2017

I met with Diane on Thursday she immediately put me at ease and explained everything to me. I have never felt so relaxed during the session and am already feeling less hungry and have stopped grazing and comfort eating and its only a few days in looking forward to seeing the results in the near future. I would highly recommend it.


Josie Davies

19 July 2017

I had the virtual gastric band fitted 10 days ago and am absolutely thrilled with my first week results. Gone are the mid meal hunger pangs i feel full after each meal and 7 days in when i weighed myself i had lost 4.5lbs . I'm on my tenth day now and my total loss so far is 6lbs. I would honestly reccomend this to anyone who like myself yo-yo diets because you won't be disappointed. Thank you so much Dianne x More...


Angela Emily Thompson

4 July 2017

Fantastic not smoked since I been would highly recommend was smoking 30 a day


Paula Hyde

15 May 2017

I've suffered from low self confidence and anxiety for years. After a few sessions with Diane, I feel I am now ready to face the world and do the things I've wanted to do but never dared. She is friendly, professional and puts you at ease. it is one of the best things I could have done for myself. More...

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Meeting clients for the first time with all manner of problems, issues or addictions and then seeing them walk out the door a totally different person. It's a complete privilege and there can't be many other jobs that are this rewarding.

Hypnotherapy is a career that lends itself more to being self employed.

We care passionately about our clients, we are focused and fully motived to helping people overcome their issues, and seeing results.



We offer a full range of therapy treatments including: Overcoming Anxiety Stress Control Confidence and Self Esteem Fast Phobia Cures (spiders, moths, snakes, flying, heights, dentists etc.) Weight Control Virtual Gastric Bands Stopping Smoking Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking or Social Environments Stopping Habits (nail biting, hair pulling etc.) Exam and Driving Test Nerves Irritable Bowel Syndrome Pain Control Relationship Issues