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Bryce Collier

12 May 2019

This company offers so many services for the community and makes you feel at home as soon as you walk through the door.


A Wilson

12 May 2019

HYPE provides excellent Intensive In-home services for children and Mental Health Skill Building Services for adults. HYPE truly cares about their clients, and ensure that they receive the best services possible. The individuals that work in the field are empathetic, professional and well-trained. More...


Walter Riddle

5 May 2019

One of the best places I have ever worked. Everyone is supportive to becoming a better version of themselves whether thats in work or in life. The owner definitely fosters a sense of family within the company. More...


Clayton Navarre

26 April 2019

Overall great experience.
Learned a lot with management. Feels like family at the end of the day and that really matters to me and my family.


Alycia Walker

26 April 2019

Great LEADERSHIP and professional company. They take pride in their work and respect everyone.


Sheena Graham

26 April 2019

I have worked at HYPE for over a year and I love it here. I work in the office and we foster a friendly and family like environment. I support my staff in any way possible for them to provide outstanding services to our clients. Hands down the best management and owner I’ve ever worked for More...


Bill Jones

26 April 2019

Hype is a great place to be employed and to be a client in need of services. The employees are treated with respect and essentially as a family member. The employee participate in many activities together that strengthens the team concept. Hype's administrative process is highly accredited throughout the industry, respected for flawless systems that minimize errors and promote efficiency. Payroll is always flawless, continuing education is a mantra, customer service is a duty. Hype has created a much coveted, seamless business. I am proud to be an employee. More...


Laborem Edge

26 April 2019

HYPE is an amazing company. We're not just saying that because we've had the privilege to work with them but because of personally witnessing the degree of energy they put into their companies culture and the clients they serve. No matter what day of the week or time of the work day you will always be greeted by a warm smile and positive vibes that circulate through the office space. Everyone is uplifting and supporting of each other. If you have a loved one or yourself are in need of their services, we 100% recommend trusting HYPE. More...


Amy Henderson

26 April 2019

I've worked for this company for 5 years and will say it's the best place to work for! As long as you are doing your job, you will have no problems! The owner & management try their best to make an exceptional working environment with training, incentives & continuous growth potential. They also truly care about the clients and provide multiple resources & programs to help insure they are getting the best possible services. More...


Tasha Headley

26 April 2019

The most friendly and accommodating work environment! These counselors take pride in their work and in helping others and the owner is AMAZING!

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