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Hustle was created to make the boutique gym experience accessible for everyone but on an intimate level. We want you to feel part of our community, build your confidence, understanding and to feel great doing it. Our aim is to spark your passion for your own health, build friendships and give you all the tools you need in your toolbox for a healthier, happier lifestyle.


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Haythum Khalid

23 July 2019

Richi is a very supportive and knowledgeable PT, highly recommended


Sarah Hodge

30 June 2019

Hustle is an amazing new place to work out, great trainers, great environment, great atmosphere for all abilities. I've been training with Richi for the last 18 months, starting weight was 92kg's. In the past I thought I could get away with eating anything, as long as I trained 3-4 times a week... Richi has supported me throughout my journey & made me realise it's not just about exercise, but also what I eat! Regular exercise, logging my eating, portion sizes & looking at nutrition have all played a big part in me now seeing steady weight loss to reach my 77kg goal. Training with Richi has never felt like a chore, his approach is to make it fun, push you to your own ability, but also stretch you to the next level to meet your overall goals. I feel more confident with every kg I lose, thank you Richi for your persistance & patience, I look forward to achieving further goals! More...


Philip Peters

30 June 2019

No matter where you are in your journey to improve your fitness or wellbeing I would recommend Hustle 100%. From the second you walk through the door you will feel at home, Richi is an excellent trainer who will listen and plan your program so it works for you. Best of all is the vibe and the energy of the place and the people that visit it. More...


Tina Whittle

31 May 2019

The Hub @ Hustle is by far the best Traning facility around, i have been Traning here for just a few short months, I have a better understanding of the exersises, equipment and nutrition, Richi is an awesome trainer, Clases are fun and adaptible to all levels.


Bridget Brookson

6 March 2019

Hustle is a brilliant new gym where the trainer, Richi, puts everyone at ease. He assesses what every individual is capable of and so each person has a different challenge. He provides group fitness classes as well as 1:1 and his knowledge of diet and nutrition is superb. I would unreservedly recommend him wherever you are in your health journey. More...


Nathan Stracey

6 March 2019

Brilliant new gym which I would/ and I am recommending to everyone. The trainer Richard really helps you achieve all of your goals and I have been training with him for around 5 months. The atmosphere at Hustle is extremely friendly and I always look forward to each session. Could not recommend enough. More...


April Mays

6 March 2019

If you have ever thought about joining a gym, having PT sessions or just want to keep fit, think HUSTLE!This newly opened gym has a great range of equipment with more to come.I’ve been training with Richi for a while now, my fitness, confidence & strength has grown so much!When you sign up, Richi is on it & has so much knowledge & experience to help & guide you.He helps me with my nutrition, diet, fitness & exercise.Each fitness plan is totally tailored to suit your ability, needs & goals, Richi is behind you all the way & is very supportive.This new site is the perfect fitness hub, so do it....Hustle!!A x More...


Gabriela Martinez

6 March 2019

Hustle is a great new place in Crawley, it has fantastic equipment and Richi is an amazing trainner who is always able to adapt to his clients’s abilities and needs.The group classes are always fun, it is a great environment to work out and meet other like minded people.Would absolutely recommend More...


Sue Gravett

6 March 2019

Richi is understanding, encouraging and has incredible knowledge and experience to help nurture and motivate you to your goals. If you want help and guidance to get you started or keep you on your health, nutrition and fitness path, then Richi and Hustle are definitely the way to go. In the time I have been attending I have lost weight, noticeably changed body shape but more importantly I have been given the tools to maintain a better lifestyle. More...



6 March 2019

HUSTLE IS THE PLACE TO BE!I started training with Richi in January and can not thank him enough for making each class motivating.Within a month I had noticed a massive difference! I felt so energetic, I'd lost a few pounds and noticed my body was starting to tone! It also bought back a lot of self confidence!Now 2months in I am in better shape and have lost a few more pounds and will continue to do so with Richi's dedicated training and my commitment!Amazing training, great facilities and easy to get to location by vehicle, public transport and walking! More...

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We create custom, bespoke training plans unique to each individual and cover all areas of a healthy lifestyle.

The right motivation, environment and training program.

Meeting new people and seeing clients achieve their goals.

The 35 and over have very little options when it comes to fitness and commercial gyms often overlook these clients. We strongly believe in helping those clients achieve the results they desire.

We have a team of highly trained and experienced personal trainers. Most of whom have years of experience also working in the NHS in various sections of healthcare.