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United Kingdom, Nationwide

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House of Landlords

United Kingdom, Nationwide


House of Landlords is the #1 spot for finding landlords to connect with tenants who need rooms, flats, and houses for rent. A great tool for connecting to only the best lettings agents and property management companies for what you need in your rental properties.



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We love showing landlords how we get down in the real estate marketing industry. Using our young tech-savvy marketers and experienced agents to put your property portfolio on complete auto-pilot. You're going to be so relieved when finally, you've met a company who takes only the best quality agents with ZERO compromises on quality and strong negotiation to provide you the best price in the area.

Our company is formed by two directors. A marketing-wizz and a charming property agent. Combining their expertise of lead generation and real estate to make an evolved version of the old outdated property services which landlords are beginning to shy away from.

This gives a completely new, safer and better way for landlords to get what they originally wanted from their properties. Hands off investments which grow stably and flourish more and more over time - all with no more work needed from you.

We aren't here to bribe or compete for your business. We're here so that you don't have to spend all week checking your emails for future messages. We will handle all of the studying, searching, the negotiating and all of the other strains you are going through to find the right service. We have been around the block and know whose actions are speaking louder than their words for both skill and price. We aren't asking you to choose us, we're asking you to give yourself a chance to take your rental properties to the next level and sit back, relax, and enjoy your new favorite service for property management and lettings without the hassle. Speak with one of our directors first, no sales agents or timid receptionists to barge your way through to get to the real work.

Let our director know what needs doing, and they can personally arrange the right team for your exact needs only based on their knowledge and experience. You will find no other service which tailors to your exact need and dedicates time and due diligence to your inquiry until totally satisfied.



Tenants near you are visiting our site to find rental properties in the area. This means we can provide you the perfect tenant find services and fill any rooms, houses or flats to rent quickly and easily. Huge discounts on tenant find when using our estate management service. Get in touch with your requirements if you require tenants.

If you have other tasks which require a quote from property management companies near you, we not only research and find but we aim to get you the best price guaranteed. Rent collections, inspections and more available here. The best way to get a range of property services for an unmatched price and quality. Choose between weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates via email, phone or text for tailored hands-free services. Get in touch today to discuss estate management for your rental properties.

If you’re looking for more security in your real estate portfolio or you would just like to have peace of mind that your properties are earning their market worth constantly each month. You may be interested in integrating Airbnb to your lettings and property management or a rent-to-rent scheme where your rent is guaranteed for 1-3 years. It’s a fast-growing approach to producing a stable, guaranteed income from your real estate portfolio on a long-term basis at no cost to you. To speak to a member of our team about using online booking sites or rent to rent, send a message.