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I aim to help you reach your goals and live the life you were meant to live. By working with you to clarify what it is you want from life and leave behind those limiting beliefs, you can finally start to truly enjoy your life.

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Claire-Louise Francis

23 July 2018

I received treatment from Helen Beaver in 2013. She was friendly, professional and immediately put me at ease. I would definitely recommend her services. Thank you Helen!


Helen Beaver

23 July 2018

I have recently had a past life regression with Helen. The session felt very calm and safe. The technique worked well and I experienced a past life. My motivation was curiosity linked to my interest in hypnosis and meditation, although I understand the process can be used therapeutically. I remain an agnostic on 'past live's' but certainly it gives plenty to think about and I would welcome opportunity for further regressions. Thank you Helen.

Dr Chris Green. Medical Practitioner


Anna Trussler

23 July 2018

Helen helped me with techniques to overcome stress mainly work related, in 2013. She guided me into some brilliant visualisations which were very potent in allowing my mind to overcome and reduce habitual anxious ways of thinking and instead move into a quiet place and into a mode of relaxation which calmed me down alot, made me more mindful definitely, she has a lovely healing and subtle way about her treatment and a good may of making stress reduction techniques memorable so you can apply them to yourself.


Jessica Wright

23 July 2018

Helen helped me in 2015 with hypnotherapy to overcome anxiety linked to driving. The process was very relaxing and helped me think more positively about driving, and even to look forward to it. Helen has previously helped me to cope with difficult situations in my life and showed me how find calm in a chaotic world. I recommend Helen for help with any situation where you are anxious or just need a bit of help to find your way to being calm and confident. More...


Chris Richardson

15 February 2018

Had a really lovely assessment was best ever felt very welcomed and relaxed

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