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We're storytellers.

Hark Studio, founded in 2019, is a digital design and creative marketing group based in the West Midlands.

With our team having worked in a wide array of creative and technical industries, we're fully-equipped to communicate your story, utilising a wide array of mediums - and the best thing about it?



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You could have the world's most visually-striking website, but if it's hard to navigate and understand - it's probably pointless.

Today, websites have to capture everything from your brand's story to how consumers can engage and interact with it. Studies show that traffic on the internet is rapid, that people click on and off content within seconds, and so the challenge is to grasp your audience within a short time frame.

A great website is one that needs no tutorial on how to utilise it, and one in which all the information is readily available, so that your audience feel considered and a part of your story.

1. Tea or coffee?
2. In three words, describe your brand (if you don't have any just yet, we'll help you out.)
3. What kind of audience does your brand reach?
4. When's the deadline?
5. What's the budget?

We're all about story. Nowadays, there are too many companies offering the same thing with very little to distinguish themselves from each other and we believe that transparency and genuine stories are what people buy into the most.

So, we might have a phone or Skype call, meet in a local coffee shop (drinks are on us), sit down with a blank piece of paper and get to understand the essence of what you're looking for. Then, if you're happy with our proposal, we'll get to work straight away and keep you updated as we bring your vision to life.

At Hark Studio, we're always ready to go, so we'll make this step of the process quick for you.

The information we'd require is:

- The Brief
- The Deadline
- The Budget
- Contact Information

and voila! Let's get started.

Storytelling. Did we say that already?

We like getting to know you and bringing your ideas to life, so that we can connect you to your audience in exciting and innovative ways.

Our team consists of freelancers who have each worked on many varied projects from national marketing campaigns, to B&B booking systems, websites and brochures. With our work combined, we have decided to form Hark Studio where together, we will work to bring your stories to life.

Unlike other freelancers and agencies, our combined talents mean you can get everything you're looking for under one roof. We believe in collaboration and ensure we fully understand the brief to deliver it right first time. And if we don't, then we'll keeping going until we get it right, at no extra cost to you.