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I am an Independent IT Support and Security Specialist. I offer IT Support services to businesses throughout the World. Due to technology language barriers are no more and you can get help from the right person and not having to depend on one that speaks your language.


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Dan Golding

28 May 2019

Darren has been amazing. From helping me out during a live IT crisis and subsequently moving a large website and database from Amazon servers to 1and1, he has been nothing short of an absolute professional- competent & confident, calm under pressure (when I really wasn’t!!) and most importantly actually got the job done. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. More...


Peter Snowden

28 May 2019

I kept getting let down by my usual web design contact, so I asked Hamblett consultancy to help as I needed some changes pretty quick. They stepped in kept me updated at all times and did a great job on time. Couldn’t ask for more. Peter-PAS school of motoring More...


John Cole

28 May 2019

Hamblett Consultancy took over security of our systems when we lost our previous administrator.Since taking control, Hamblett have always checked our queries and come back to us within minutes.Interaction between Hamblett and my personnel is minimal, but we are secure in knowing they look after our servers regularly at an extremely reasonable cost, and any advice they give us should be listened to, and acted upon. More...


Mary O' Brien

31 October 2018

videoDoc have been working with Darren and his team for two years, I can't recommend him and the team highly enough. What I like most is the response rate - you get the highest quality of service with a fast turn around without the high prices of other firms. 5***** Thank you Darren & the team. More...


Paul Stankiewicz

31 October 2018

Great service. Darrren is obviously an IT expert that knows what he is doing. We use him regularly when we have IT issues. He always quickly understands the problem and resolves it with minimum fuss More...



16 October 2018

Very Happy with the service Darren spoke about and delivered. timing was spot on and all what was required was carried out to a high standard. would definitely use Darren again if I have any IT problems. Many thanks Darren More...


Accounts Direct

16 October 2018

Great firm to work with. Helps us with all our I.T problems. Highly recommend.



sean hayden

14 May 2018

Darren is simply brilliant if you have IT problems of any sort this is undoubtedly the man to call, I first crossed paths with Darren a few years ago when setting up my business, and have used his services several times since. The best thing about Darren is the fact that he explains everything in layman's terms, no over the top technical speak or smoke and mirrors just straightforward and honest advice. Darren's interventions over the years have been timely, to say the least, he has guided me seamlessly through several pivotal moments and enabled me to take the next step with my business. Nothing is ever to much trouble for Darren. A good guy and reasonably priced I wholeheartedly recommend Darren and his team. More...


James Rostance

23 April 2018

Really happy with the service but also Chris' expertise. He spotted that our previous server technician had configured it very inefficiently and he completely took care of implementing a significant improvement to our server/website's speed. This was above and beyond what the work involved. More...

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A great website starts with a great design, rich content, clear graphics. This is nothing unless it is fully responsive and your potential clients can contact you from any part of the website. A website that is cluttered or not mobile friendly is no good to anyone.

All projects are different, depending on the project I may ask for login details for a particular system, what they are trying to achieve with a web design, The error they are getting on their website. There are not a set of questions I use day in day our as every project I do is different.

The diversity of my job enables me to work with a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. No two jobs are the same as there is always little bits that one has that the other doesn't. Also the thrill of the unknown and at the end the client is happy and I may have learned a new skill or technique to fix a problem.

I saw a gap in the market where small businesses didn't know where to turn when it came to IT Support. They didn't want to go to a person who does it part time from their bedroom nor did they want to go and pay the big support company prices. I fit in the middle of both nicely.

when a client chooses me they get 100% of me. I don't take on lots and lots of projects at the same time as that would dilute my skills and slow the project down. I focus on the task at hand. Communication is the key in any project and I am available on a wide number of mediums (Skype, phone, email, etc)



Computers are a great asset for a business when they are working correctly, however when they fail they can ground a business to a halt within seconds. Due to the components computers use in side the, eventually they will fail, when they do they need to be fixed as quickly as possible to get your business up and running again. Computers suffer from both Hardware and Software issues, anything from a Hard Drive fail to a corrupt Windows Update. The one piece of advise I would tell anyone is to backup your data. Not all staff members come fully trained on every piece of software. I can show your staff a variety of Software Products I have used throughout my career in Support, Microsoft Office Suite, Sage etc to name a few.

Emails are an important part of any business. They help you communicate between your staff, clients, potential clients and supplier. One thing I have noticed more and more on my travels especially going from client to client is the amount of vehicles that have their website address showing and next to it a FREE domain name. Something like @gmail.com, @aol.com, @outlook.com, @btinternet.com, @hotmail.co.uk. Yes you may have had the email when you first set up your company, however it does not give people confidence in using your services as it gives the wrong impression. The transition from your free email address to a domain based one is quite straight forward and I have done it many times before. I can provide you with two types of email solutions depending on your business needs.

I have spent many years providing Server Management from basic user creation to clustered VM’s, from Email Servers to Hosting Servers I have supported and setup them all. Skills Include: Operating Systems: All Microsoft and Linux based Servers, Email Systems: Exchange, Smartmail, Mail Enable, Exim, Postfix, Qmail, Control Panels: Cpanel, Plesk (Odin), Direct Admin, Networking: RDS, AD, DNS, RIS, WSUS, Group Policy, DFS Services: FTP, SSH, Firewall, SFTP, DNS, Hosting Hosting: IIS, Apache, Lightspeed, WAMP, LAMP, PHP, MYSQL Contact me with your requirements

Keeping your company data safe in this day and age is a growing concern. You are only as protected as the weakest link in your company security. You can spend a ton of money on the latest security technology, but if the end user is not vigilant then it could be all for nothing. Hackers and people who want to exploit your data will not attack through the front door, they will look for a weak link in the chain, maybe a low level user and exploit them instead of going for a brute force attack. Depending on how your network is configured, that users access could be used to access the entire network. The three main area’s that you may need guidance on are: Your Physical Computer Network, PCI Compliance, Social Engineering. By going through all 3 sections (depending on your company), I can help minimize your companies risk of either data loss or a data breach. Whether this is an internal server or one that collects customer details online, the process is the same.

There comes a time in every companies life when something happens and you need short term IT Support, I can provide provide support for a variety of different reasons within your company, This can be for a few hours to a few weeks. Holiday Cover: Planned Holiday cover can be easily arranged in advanced when you know your staff are away. Sick Cover: There is nothing worse than a member of staff been taken ill, Short notice support is an option. Roll Out or Project Work: Need an extra pair of hands on a busy roll out or specific project. Skills Gap: When you need a specialist in a particular field for a short time.

I have both designed and maintained many websites for clients through out the years. Changing technologies to meet the ever changing requirements that Google sets to make your website stand out from your competitors. I am constantly learning new techniques to make better web experiences. I don’t just use one type of frame work, depending on the type of website I use WordPress for a CMS based website, Prestashop / Magento for an Ecommerce based website or HTML 5 and Bootstrap for a bespoke designed website. Responsiveness and Speed are the two main design factors all my designs are based on, Each website will display 100% on any device and is fully responsive. The next is speed, if your website doesn’t load up quickly you could lose potential clients.