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I signed up to this website about a year ago, I never used it in the end, but have just decided that it's time to find a bit more work!.

GP Cleaning Services is a trustworthy, reliable and fully insured Domestic cleaning and ironing company.



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I have been doing office and commercial cleaning for around 5 years now and have work for a few company's.
My company GP Cleaning Services has been running since February 2015, I first started off in High Wycombe where I was previously living . When I moved back to staines I got clients here and have been cleaning houses and offices here since 2016.

Yes I bring the main products that are used for example: kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner and polish e.t.c I do not provide limescale remover or floor cleaner. I bring clean clothes and sponges and any equipment I may need. I do not bring a hover with me, so will need to be provided.

Looking back at my work and seeing what a difference you can make when cleaning a home and a clients life.

I started my first cleaning job in offices when I was 18, just after I had my first child. I enjoyed it so much, I then started to clean in my home as I would in the offices and it went from their. After enjoying cleaning my own home so thoroughly I then applied for a domestic house cleaning job. I was on minimum wage and saw how some of my bosses that had created their own business were succeeding. After seeing this I knew what I wanted and I went for it, and now I am succeeding and appreciating life as much as them.

I work on my own and for myself, my clients like this as they know they are going to get the same cleaner each and every time. Each clients clean is done by their cleaning requirements. I bring clean cloths, sponges and equipment I may need e.g . Brushes, tooth brushes,scrapers e.t.c. I bring the main products I would use e.g. Bathroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner, polish. I have public liability and personal accident cover(proof can be provided), I also offer a copy of my driving licence.