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Udele Bodnar

This is the first time I've ever had a gym membership never thought I'd be comfortable there but there's a good mix of people. Everyone's welcome there and picking a trainer was a wonderful thing to do. Kim's definitely pushing me to be more active and it's nice to have someone teach you how to use all the equipment if you're new to the gym. Also I brought my kid and and he had an accident and those ladies were so nice and so sweet they really know how to be approachable for children and make a parent feel comfortable with leaving their kids there More...


Marissa Windley

I truly hate this gym and I don't like using that word but it fits. When you keep screwing up someone's account and messing with their hard earned money that's not okay. Then you try to go and blame it on everything except your own gym and you don't even fix their problem. Yeah thanks but no thanks, go some where else unless you like wasting your money. More...


Martha Aguirre

Love this place, staff are always welcoming and it’s clean.


Luca Mischke

Been going to this gym for well over 3 years now. One of my favorites as far as gyms go. Friendly staff (has gotten MUCH friendlier recently), well maintained equipment, and what I feel is a decent balance between cardio equipment, resistance machines, and space for classes. I think the free weights section could do with an extra platform but that's really my only complaint. Pleasant crowd, too. Not too chatty but still courteous, generally speaking. More...


Matt Springer

GM Clint in Colorado Springs is a shyster and the staff delivers a lousy customer service experience. In the past 20 weeks I have scheduled 12 PT sessions and 8 of them have been cancelled by the trainer, most with less than 5 hours notice!! The mens' showers are usually smelly and they don't honor a personal training schedule or hold themselves accountable to deliver on the services they sell. Highly recommend you look elsewhere for your fitness needs. More...


Brittney Harvey

My husband and I have been members of this gym for a little over two years now. In the last six months Gold's Gym has sent us to collections TWICE because they cannot seem to correctly update my billing information. I don't get any bills in the mail and they still let us use the gym, I just get a collections call every three months! Cool right? Needless to say we will be going in tomorrow and completely canceling everything with Gold's, doing what we should've done in the first place and going to Lifetime. More...


Alexis Watts Shull

**My review of Gold's gym has changed from a 2 to a 4. Must say that for all of my issues with my old personal trainer Darson has turned it around for me. He is an awesome personal trainer and I am So glad I was switched over to him. I also feel the staff are very friendly. There are people of sll fitness levels there too and I love that! Thanks Gold's gym for turning my experience around!

Truly disappointed at the service at Gold"s gym. Bought a personal training membership and was told after the first session that the next time I came in there would be a personalized workout plan. After the first week it wasn't done I asked my trainer was it going to be done for sure and she said yes. Went in the gym and nothing was there. I left a message for the trainer and find that whoever took the message didnt CARE enough to give it to the trainer. Another thing that I don't care for is that when I signed up for the membership I was told the personal training could be cancelled if I wasnt satisfied within the first 30 days now I am learning that I have to cancel the whole membership which is not what I was trying to do. Its sad that you have people that work there that really could care less about helping people become healthier. I was told that I would be contacted by another trainer who would help me. Lets see how long this is gonna take....beautiful gym but your service sucks!!!


Dave Jones

Huge difference between this Golds and the one off of union, the one I'm used to. Staff here is no where as personable, no one puts weights back after they're done on the machines and they have 10 sets of 40s but no 37.5

The locker rooms are nice and everything is new. They need hammer strength equipment versus the stuff they have now.


Kaye Queen

Out of all the gym's I have had memberships at, this one is the best. The staff are always friendly and helpful and the people who come here to work out are not Barbie and Ken Doll sizes, these are real people who want to get fit, healthy and lose weight.....they don't sit around secretly watching you workout they are to focused on their own workouts and of course there are enough tv's around that they pay more attention to those than the people around them (like on the treadmills, bicycles, etc) I feel very comfortable going there. Been a member for 2 years and counting. More...


Johnny Craven

I joined Golds Gym going on 3 years ago, the staff are always friendly, greet you as you enter and say something nice when you leave. When I joined I had terrible low-back pain and was over weight. The equipment is great and by the way what other gym if you wanna do cardio even has a small movie theater? I am currently taking classes to be a Personal Trainer and have learned from watching the trainers there as they train other members. They have a large selection of dumbells which is which I prefer but also many work out machines if that's your preference. Put simple-- Golds Gym You Rock!! More...


Betty Wolfsfur

Aggravating when you deactivate your account because of personal reasons, but then you decide to stay when you're still paying for the cancellation month. The girl who re enrolled me did it incorrectly so they flagged my account so I had to come in to meet with a manager. The manager was training and new staff member and told me he would be there in a second. He walked by me twice still training his staff. 35 minutes later after his staff reminds him I still wasn't taken care of. He still doesn't come to help me. I lost my cool and left. You take care of your customers first. People never re rack here and their music selection is terrible. More...


Jesse Boling

Love the gym, everything is clean, staff is courteous, products aren’t way overpriced like a lot of other places. Only rating a 4 Star because of billing issues that took way too long to fix otherwise very happy with my membership at golds.


Adam Crook

Well my membership at planet fitness was almost up so I signed up for a VIP pass. I always wanted to try golds. So when I went for the first day I was pretty pumped and excited, especially for a soak in the hot tub. The guy that got me signed up was pretty nice. I immediately went into the locker room to change. I walked around the locker room to locate everything and was immediately disgusted. The bathroom was nasty everywhere and the showers smelled like urine. Floor in locker room was also very dirty. I went to start my workout and noticed that the machines were all dirty, nobody , or barely nobody wipes stuff down after using it. There were dust bunnies and piles of diet under equipment and the weight rack. There was even a huge mess of chalk on the floor. Not to mention that most people were exercising their mouths more than anything while monopolizing equipment. I was shocked and disgusted not to mention completely let down. I will not be back. Planet Fitness may not be the Mecca of bodybuilding, and have the bells and whistles but at least it's clean, bright, and the fellow gym goers are much more courteous. More...


Bryan Graham

Great gym has everything I could ask for and more, plus the cinema cardio room is pretty badass


Louis Lloyd

Feels at home every time I come to lift! Awesome place with great staff!


Joe Sazenski

Golds gym here has a major problem with opening up on time not only did they not open till 540 am Friday on Monday today they opened at 535 what is with this manager I want a refund for my gasoline and time I wasted sitting in front of this gym and being pissed off


Mimi Sunshine

I love this place!!! Goldsfit is awesome!!! And the coaches are all super supportive and amazing!! I’ve learned so much from them and they have helped me so much! I recommend this gym to everyone no matter if you’re super fit or just starting your fitness journey!! More...


Georgiana Hall

Your pool at Rustic Hills is too cold. No way is it 84 degrees. Please check the temperature. Several others have complained as well. I joined your gym FOR the pool!


Wes Wright

The first thing that strikes you when you walk in is how crisp and clean it is. The stations are also laid out very well with good flow and space. The equipment is modern and everything works. This is the best bang for your buck in town in terms of having everything you need plus a few cool extras like a theater cardio room and a pool. More...


Phillip Peeler

Im in town for a short visit and was able to keep up with my routine coming to this Gold’s. I found the facility to be very similar in layout to the Gold’s in New Braunfels, Texas. Large open spaces, plenty of cardio equipment, free weights, lap pool, and more. Every area I saw was clean and did not see any equipment out of service. There is a large selection of machines, but not a standing calf raise or donkey calf raise machine. Still able to stick close enough to my routine to get the grind done for the day. More...