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Glint Ventures Ltd

Rowley Regis, West Midlands

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Glint Ventures Ltd

Rowley Regis, West Midlands


Glint Ventures is a Bidirectional company specialised in the providing consulting services specifically as regards marketing strategies, sales funnels design, and optimization, Advertising (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google PPC), Influencer marketing advertising, Native and Display Ads Advertising and much more.



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First things first ... the idea of helping other businesses grow.
I get to talk to completely new business owners and they of course over a short period of time become close friends. Business is all about keeping a good relationship and that's my goal with every person I get to talk to who requires any of my services.
I equally love that fact that I can work and help my clients from anywhere in the globe at any time.

The idea of living on my own terms and not being an employee to anyone. I have always loved to me master of my self and have complete control over my life. Most importantly, I am a dad of 2 girls and spending the best time with them, and actually getting to give them the best is the CORE of me starting my own business.
I love helping people, business, and love meeting and talking to new people all the time
To sum up. having control over my time, and spending time with my family and friends have been the main reasons for this.

I believe in my work and I am so passionate about helping other business.
I am open to talking and going the extra mile to get them to the desired states.
Every good businessman knows that "The client's satisfaction is KEY " to his own success.

I am a slow believer in testimonies and I believe in treating every client as if they were the first I got.

You don't mess around with your first client. So treating all clients like your first keeps you super energetic and focused.