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Why be part of the noise when you can stand high above it?
We are a creative video production company that looks for the most interesting and engaging ways to tell your story so you can do exactly that - stand out.
Whether we are capturing the drama of a sporting event, conveying key messages via corporate communications or bringing excitement to online promotions and advertising, we always deliver.


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Phil Rothwell

3 July 2019

I have worked with GG Media on several occasions for professional projects at the school where I work. Alan has always been incredibly helpful in guiding me through the process of video production from filming to final edits. Crucially, these videos have made a big impact on the strategic goals at my organisations, achieving clear targets in engagement with my audience. I completely endorse GG Media and very much look forward to working with them on my next project. More...

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Tight deadlines, an actor not showing up, technological failures, filming has it all. However, after all the dramas of production, there comes a moment when you sit back, watch the video and look at the client and colleagues when its finished knowing it is a great piece of work. That's the best bit of the job. When everything is done and the end result is genuinely exciting.

Understanding that I am at a point where the work I do is of a very high standard and a lot higher than some work out there. That knowledge motivated me to put my money where my mouth was and to prove I can deliver at the highest level. I have high profile awards and recommendations from returning clients to show the gamble paid off. Now I am taking it up a level with the confidence that, whatever the brief, I can give clients the best work possible.

There are many, many video production companies out there and we all have similarities. We all use the highest quality cameras available, well have experienced editors and creative professionals working for us and we all offer value for money. This is an accepted standard, but, as well as offering the expected, we offer two things others don't. One is the creative approach. The idea comes first, backed up by research and customer insight and tested to make sure that when we promise results, you get them.
The second takes us away from video production because, for every video we create, our profits go to environmental conservation schemes in the area where the video was created.



From brief through to final delivery of your video we can cover the whole project for you. We offer: Pre-production (health and safety, scripting, location scouting, recce's, shooting plan, crewing) Production (supplying kit and personnel and filming) Post-production (editing, special effects, animation, voice over, music licensing)

If you have footage already and need it editing into your ideal video we can do that for you. If you need a re-edif of an existing projects, a graphics package, after effects or special effects we can also deliver those as well.

If you have part or all of the elements you need to make your video and need someone to bring it together then we can offer that service to you and help guide your project from the start through to final delivery.