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blueray heatingcooling

25 February 2019

Big thank you for the work you doing for us
It’s really helpful and very quick highly resulting on google ranking
You are our hero mr gal


Kiersten Omland

26 January 2019

Gal is one of the reasons our business is successful! He created our website and markets for us monthly, and our business continues to grow. He is very smart and knows exactly what to do for the website and marketing to bring in work. Gal is very very responsive and easy to work with and communicate with. We are so thankful for Gal and his team! More...


Mayan Metzler

26 January 2019

Gal is a great company! They really know what they're doing and how to achieve web marketing sucess


Doug Fleischer

30 July 2018

Gal is good. We've been using him for various projects since 2007 consistently. He knows his business and he attends to what we need very well. Its a good SEO operation.


Nicole Marks

30 June 2018

G.A.L. definitely knows what he’s doing. As soon as he created my website, it was ranking #1 within days! He also is very responsive to emails / phone calls and is a great communicator.


Cash For Junk Autos NJ .

26 May 2018

Great web designer! Internet marketing expert.


ALCO Animal and Pest Control Constantino

26 May 2018

We have been working with G.A.L. Inc. for over 12 years now. Our experience with this company has been great. They provide outstanding service and are leaders in their industry. ALCO appreciates all the work they have done for our company. We wouldn't think of using anyone else. More...

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