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Gad Studio is a creative social media marketing agency. We don't just create likes or followers we create mechanisms that will lead customers to click to order or get in touch with you straight away. We use effective targeted and localised adverts to get clients that are already actively looking for your service/product. That's what makes us different from other providers.


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A great website is made not only of good content but high customer acquisition and retention. You can have the best website but no one knows about it. Search engine is also important but the highest returns are now on social media marketing.

What do you say if we could make you an extra 100-unlimited customers this month by re-inventing and tweeking your strategy and content? How does that sound?

Seeing excited clients. I am passionate about being the missing puzzle in my clients business and dreams. My passion is to provide solutions to businesses and individuals.

I realised I was the missing piece in many people's lives and businesses. I ended up with 12 years + of experience.

Unlike most other companies, we focus on methods that get you orders, instant engagement with clients and customer retention. That's how your business will grow. A high following is good but doesn't always translate to high sales. High sales translate to high following.