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We are here to successfully develop strategies specifically tailored to target your individual clientele.
If you need a company identity developed, a website designed, a shopping cart developed, or new marketing material,
we will work with you to incorporate a variety of media, coordinated to best optimize your message to your targeted market.



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In a time where we are flooded with media messages everywhere we turn, the most important factor making your website a success is a quick message, quickly viewed, and clearly showing your potential client who you are and what you offer. You may only have that one brief opportunity to make a potential customer decide that it is your services, or product they need and not your competitor's.

Working with you at the start of any creative project I would, most importantly, want to know what sets you apart from your competitors. Why do you believe your services make you a better choice for your customer, and how do you stand behind what you offer.

Once we have clearly defined who you are and the unique aspects of your business, we discuss how this could be represented graphically, the necessary elements that are needed, what if any content you can contribute, and what needs to be newly created. From this point an estimate would be provided, and once agreed upon, the creative process would begin. An agreed to number of concepts would be furnished moving forward, and once we have reached a concensus, the work begins.

First we need to establish what if any content you may already have available such as logos, product photography, head shots, and text. From this discussion it will be determined what the client will be responsible for contributing and what needs to be newly created by FW Graphic Design.

Personal gratification of knowing that I have helped someone address a need, that they have depended on me to work through for them, in a way they would have done if they could have done it, themselves. The challenge of finding the solutions to, and successfully satisfying the creative needs of my clients. There is nothing better than the feeling of creating something that is honestly appreciated, and getting a sincere thank you for creating a website, or any creative project, that my clients are really pleased with.

After working as Creative Director in several Advertising Agencies and Medical Marketing Groups, I felt that I had the know how, drive, and passion to offer a broader base of clients, the same quality of creative design services being offered to big corporate clients. I never looked back.

You will get unlimited personal attention to your project. I do not pass the buck on to someone else. I work with you step by step until you are satisfied. I can honestly say that in all the years I have been doing this, I have not had a client that has not been pleased with the final results.
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