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FLI Fitness Reviews

FLI Fitness Reviews

Review of FLI Fitness by Vicky
5 23/05/2018 Vicky

I have been seeing Jenny for twice weekly PT sessions for about 8 weeks, and for the last couple of weeks also deep tissue massage with Steve.
After struggling with a few leg issues for a couple of years that had really started to get me down and having been under GP and a physio I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with FLI.
They are an amazing group of people, so caring, positive and knowledgable.
I look forward to each session and slowly and surely things are improving. It sounds a bit dramatic but I would honestly say they have changed my life.

Review of FLI Fitness by 99 transform
5 23/10/2017 99 transform

This is a fantastic place to train, make friends and get healthy. Lead by the inspirational, and incredibly knowledgable Steve Denby, you are getting so much more that a 'bootcamp' . It's another level! Get down to Fli fitness

Review of FLI Fitness by Sally Mordue
5 13/09/2017 Sally Mordue

I have never enjoyed the environment of a gym therefore never enjoyed exercising. I discovered FLI Fitness and my whole attitude toward exercising changed. It is varied, up to date and enjoyable (most of the time!)'. Most importantly I have achieved amazing results in fitness, weightloss and confidence. I can't recommend them enough.

Review of FLI Fitness by ramya jagadish
5 08/01/2017 ramya jagadish

I have been to Bootcamp for just about 4 months but loved every bit of it! It's a great way of getting fit and being adventurous at the same time. The outdoor circuits were very hard initially but got used to it later on. Am sad that I have to give up in between as am starting full time work. All the Best!

Review of FLI Fitness by Tracey Pruce
5 03/11/2016 Tracey Pruce

I started at FLI after really being pushed into it by my son and daughter, who were so concerned about not only my weight but where I was mentally. I've tried so many times to join a gym to lose weight and get fit and had such poor nutritional "advice" handed down over the years, that I didn't know what to eat, so I ate very little and binged on chocolate and crisps. I felt very unhappy, was down and at odds with everything. I fought myself to make the first meeting with Steve, kept thinking I'm going to cancel it as it just felt like it was too huge a hurdle and that I just couldn't do it.... arriving late after being forced out the door by my daughter! Once I got talking to Steve he listened to my personal problems, my physical problems, having a very painful neck and shoulders. In his non-judgemental way he talked to me and showed me how I could start to make changes. I felt like a ton of weight lifted off of my shoulders. I then started personal training and making good progress. Progress that I never thought possible, after around 4 months of life-changing personal training, mindfulness and nutritional advice I started to see a difference in my mental health as well as my physical health

Having been on this journey for about a year and a half now, I have lost weight, I can do so much more than ever before and this is not just because of weight loss. It is due to mindfulness techniques, amazing nutritional and planning advice, the neck/shoulder pains have gone and I feel strong and capable. I feel actually like a whole different person and have learned how to look after myself through mindfulness, positivity and training. FLI have showed me how to be healthier, to make good decisions about my food, to be kind to myself, how to train hard and to achieve a well mind and body. Most importantly they showed me that you do not have to spend hours in the gym. FLI have been with me on this journey, coaching, listening and advising.Their knowledge is immeasurable. I am

Review of FLI Fitness by Lorraine Knapman
5 31/10/2016 Lorraine Knapman

Since joining fli fitness boot camp in January my life really has changed...Steve and Lisa are both very passionate coaches and have taught me so much about how to hold my posture properly and to get the best out of my body...I've also had a few massage therapy sessions with steve to help correct my posture...before fli fitness I would often turn to pain killers for my back and neck pain...but now I exercise with them at boot camp with excellent guidance and eat extremely healthy and can't wait for my next boot camp session ?

Review of FLI Fitness by Joey Miller
5 23/10/2016 Joey Miller

Having seen Steve's work on a couple of occasions, I was intrigued to find out how his techniques could help me improve. I had a personal therapy session which lasted around 45 minutes.
During that session Steve worked on areas that had been causing me problems and limiting my movements.
To cut a long story short. I no longer have painful achilles tendons, I had them for about 2 months, I no longer have 'duck feet', my shoulders are back and no longer rounded and my spine is stacked as it should be! Steve did a lot more for me in one session than any gp or osteopath had achieved.
I will definitely be returning to join one of his classes.

Review of FLI Fitness by Caroline Darling
5 12/10/2016 Caroline Darling

In 3 months I went down 2 dress sizes and I ran my first 1/2 marathon. Steve Denby at FLI Fitness is not only very knowledgeable he inspires you. I have used other trainers in the past but nothing like this guy.

Review of FLI Fitness by Wayne Leaney
5 23/10/2015 Wayne Leaney

My wife pushed me to speak to a personal trainer when I hit the age of 42 as I had become unfit, lazy and put on too much weight, the spark I had to keep fit and motivated had gone and this old dog was not going to be taught any new tricks........then I met Steve at FLI Fitness.
We discussed in depth both my physical and mental ambitions and my journey back to fitness and well being began. It has been a tough journey but under the guidence of the FLI Fitness team and it's members a whole lot fun!
I am without a doubt physically and mentally the strongest I have ever been, and to my amazement lost only 1kg if weight in the process but lost 50% of my total body fat, and feel great for it.

Review of FLI Fitness by Nicola Dennis
5 Nicola Dennis

First ever boot camp session after being challenged by Steve, was hard and I ache like I've never ached before but will be back on Wednesday #thisgirlcan!

Review of FLI Fitness by Mandy Cooper
5 Mandy Cooper

If you are looking to get fit in a fun way then FLI fitness is for you! A great way of getting fit & achieving goals with a lovely bunch of people. It doesn't matter what your fitness is like - you work to your own level. Steve, and now Lisa, are two very inspirational trainers. I've taken up running since my time with FLI and am getting fantastic results!

Review of FLI Fitness by Lorraine Knapman
5 Lorraine Knapman

Omg I love boot camp so much...I've been to the gym every week for nearly 2 years...and am now wondering WHY!!! All over workout in an hour with 2 professional trainers is the best way...

Review of FLI Fitness by Nettie Yardley
5 Nettie Yardley

I joined Fli Fitness on one frosty cold morning in October. Having exercised for years, doing the same old thing, day in day out, Fli Fitness boot camp has completely altered my mindset re exercise! My fitness levels have increased and are continuing to do so, I have lost body fat and I have a waist!!!! Fabulous inspiring and motivational instructors and a great bunch of determined peers makes it much easier and fun!!! Highly recommended!!!

Review of FLI Fitness by Katie Hattley
5 Katie Hattley

I've been looking for a new bootcamp for a while now and found FLI so thought I'd give it a go. I've done 3 classes now and loved them all. All different and today I managed to run 5km which I never thought I'd be able to do! Really enjoying it and looking forward to the next class. Bring it on! Thanks FLI!

Review of FLI Fitness by Helen Riley
5 Helen Riley

I hate gyms. No I really do honest!!! But... the last 4 weeks have totally changed my ideas and indeed my life. I found out last night that I have, in the last 4 weeks lost 2.5kg of bodyfat and I am over the moon. FLI have done that for me- Steve encourages, cajoles and makes you want to work harder- in fact I believe that the red lobster look is so fetching I try to achieve it at least twice a week now!!!
Thank you Steve and FLI - you do a fab job !

Review of FLI Fitness by Jackie Stock
5 Jackie Stock

I joined Fli in January this year starting with one class a week ( I thought I was going to die !!! ) I'm still attending classes but now I do three classes a week and absolutely love it, I have lost just over 2 stone in weight and dropped 2 dress sizes. I would just like to say a big thank you to Steve and Lisa for all their encouragement and patience. All I'm going to say is you need to keep at it it really works xx

Review of FLI Fitness by Emma Louise
5 Emma Louise

Just finished my first full week of bootcamp. It's tough but then it's supposed to be! Really nice people and instructors who are encouraging and knowledgeable. Just booked my next three sessions - it can only get easier right? :o)

Review of FLI Fitness by Liam Harper
5 Liam Harper

Thanks Steve for getting me into the rehydration drops. As a professional golfer keeping hydrated throughout the day is vital for me to stay on top of my game. Just had a week off the drops to see if there is a noticeable difference. This week off the drops has left me tired dehydrated and constantly needing to drink large glasses of water. Needless to say I won't be having another week off the drops. Certainly noticed the difference and they are now a vital part of my regime.

Review of FLI Fitness by Mayla Salmon
5 Mayla Salmon

FLI is just fantastic! I went to Steve with a posture issue which gave me shoulder problems. Both Steve and Tom looked after me and both are amazing at explaining why and how I was hurting myself and how to make it better. It is tough, but they have both been so helpful and so knowledgeable about the whole world of fitness from exercises to nutrition and well being.

Highly recommended to anyone who wants to get healthier and fitter and have fun in the process!!

Review of FLI Fitness by Ramya Jagadish
5 Ramya Jagadish

I have been to Bootcamp for just about 4 months but loved every bit of it! It's a great way of getting fit and being adventurous at the same time. The outdoor circuits were very hard initially but got used to it later on. Am sad that I have to give up in between as am starting full time work. All the Best�

Review of FLI Fitness by Katie Webb
5 Katie Webb

I sit at a desk in an office all week so it’s great to get outside and get some fresh air when I exercise. FLI bootcamps are always varied and fun and everyone’s really supportive no matter your level of fitness. The instructors are enthusiastic and careful to explain each exercise. They also push you which I need sometimes! I can fit FLI classes in around work and home life and the app makes it easy to book. I’m really feeling and seeing the benefits! :-)

Review of FLI Fitness by Shaunnie Groom
5 Shaunnie Groom

I love the FLI fit boot camp. Being outdoors makes it a lot more interesting. The results come fast and you can literally see and feel an improvement after every session. I went from never running and struggling to even finish the session to doing a 5k and pushing myself harder.

My osteopath commented on how much better my back moved thanks to the dynamic excersises we do at boot camp and I’m working on posture that Steve is more than happy to give tips and excersises to help.

My body shape has completely changed. I’m stronger and fitter and I love the way I feel.

Thank you guys!

Review of FLI Fitness by Mel Booker
5 Mel Booker

11 weeks and 27 pounds lighter! FLI has bought me back to life, i was carrying a lot of extra weight and a lot of emotional baggage too. FLI is so much more than working out Steve and the team have helped me lose weight, manage my emotions, work with injuries safely and efficiently and help me believe that i can be fitter stronger and healthier in my life. I was a walking (waddling) sugar and carb addict and major emotional eater so if i can do it anyone can, honestly. The bootcamps are very hard but unbelievably supportive and encouraging, everyone is so nice and if like me, you are worried of judgement from ''the gym bunnies'' don't be as it is just the opposite. Steve is unbelievably knowledgable and although he will challenge you he will support you every step of the way. If, like me, enough is enough then come and try it out there is nothing to lose but weight and so much much to gain!!! A big huge tremendous thank you FLI for your help in the first part of my journey!

Review of FLI Fitness by Chris Potter
5 Chris Potter

I set out early 2017 to come back racing motocross after a 7 year absence in which I raced Bmx at world level gaining British no 8
It wasn’t going to be a easy task as at 47 years old there is no age separation so I was going to line up with all the young guns so took Steve Denby on board to help me
Can’t thank him enough I was soon running in the top ten every week and out of a 40 man line up I was very happy
Mechanical problems took me out early of the overall standings but looking forward to coming back stronger in 2018 and with the help of Steve with his knowledge and wisdom I’m sure it can be achieved
Fully recommend Fli to anyone who what ever there goals have passion and dedication to better themselves �

Review of FLI Fitness by Kate Kent
5 Kate Kent

Ok, so after 12 years of being over weight and very unfit and a lot of emotional issues (anxiety and doing things on my own being the biggest issues) I’ve decided to take the -let’s go for it route- 1st boot camp today and although I struggled I was encouraged by everyone and feel great for it. The services offered by Fli fitness are more than anything else and I’m so glad to be part of the family � I’m doing this for me �

Review of FLI Fitness by Tanya Watkins
5 Tanya Watkins

Was pretty much falling to bits with anxiety, stress and overeating ..... Seen Steve past 6 weeks and he honestly helped me so much. He new exactly how to manage me each session, leaving me with excellent coping techniques and teaching me things to pass onto my 3 boys. Never thought I would do boot camp but I’m there a few times a week now. My family noticing huge differences In my behaviour, see how much happier and calmer I am. The weight loss is a huge added bonus. Looking forward to setting myself some new targets. � can’t praise them enough. Thank you so much. You made me me again �� xxx

Review of FLI Fitness by Vicky Watts
5 Vicky Watts

I have been seeing Jenny for twice weekly PT sessions for about 8 weeks, and for the last couple of weeks also deep tissue massage with Steve.
After struggling with a few leg issues for a couple of years that had really started to get me down and having been under GP and a physio I finally feel like I am getting somewhere with FLI.
They are an amazing group of people, so caring, positive and knowledgable.
I look forward to each session and slowly and surely things are improving. It sounds a bit dramatic but I would honestly say they have changed my life.

Review of FLI Fitness by Bradley Murr
5 Bradley Murr

Absolutely brilliant experience. Fun and with encouraging trainers and friendly people who attend. What’s great is that they use the holistic approach with both mind and body, which I needed after a tough time in my personal life and years of eating terrible foods. Since February, I have lost 3 stone , I am fitter than when I was in my early twenties and am in a great place, mentally. I attend boot camp sessions and have pt sessions which I really enjoy. I can honestly say that it has been a life changing experience with many people telling me how good and happy I look. Give it a go and you won’t be disappointed. Thank you to the Fli Fitness team and it’s members.

Review of FLI Fitness by Andy Dedman
5 Andy Dedman

I've been hitting the early Friday morning bootcamp for just over three months now and haven't regretted dropping a gym session for one second! I used to be in the gym three times a week but wanted to break up some of the monotony so thought I'd give it a try and add some interest back into exercise.

It's one of the highlights of my week now. A great bunch of people led by Steve, who seems to have an endless list of different exercises and activities to test and stretch me (literally).

These sessions have helped my health (the full body workout means I've lost weight and toned up) as well as my wellbeing (comedy for an hour first thing on a Friday has to be good for everyone)!

Highly recommended.

FLI Fitness

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FLI Fitness Q&A

FLI Fitness Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

You are what you ate and eat, unfortunately you can’t out train a poor diet, you must fuel your body with clean non toxic foods in order for it to function optimal for you. It’s also important not to stress about food, so if you are caught up in addiction to sugar carbs or alcohol we will help you and certainly won’t judge you.

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

Quality service
Intelligent exercise programming
Personal nutrition plans

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Belief in yourself
Developing a positive mindset
What you believe you will manifest.

What do you love most about your job?

Being a part of the transformation process. When you meet me you will feel my passion and it's infectious which will drive you to reach your goals.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Belief that I can help and make a difference. I am passionate about the wellbeing of myself and others.

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