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fit for life is a fitness and health company thats aimed at all level of fitness from losing weight and toning to preparing for a sporting event
with background in total fitness , martial arts and football and also a qualified personal trainer

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10 May 2019

he seems real, authentic and genuinely wanting to help me


Lesley Sasu

19 March 2019

Colin is a fantastic trainer as he increases your stamina and fitness to the point where you feel great after every session. I'm a happy go lucky person who has benefited from the focus Colin has taught me during our boxing sessions, that I now feel like Michelle Obama!

I would highly recommended and push for anyone to join fit for life as 10 months later I have no regrets about signing up.



18 March 2019

I felt great after a few sessions and kept going back since, Colin really pushed you to get the most out of your work out, constantly encouraging through out each session. Highly recommended personal trainer More...


by setting targeted programmes with regular assessments to make sure we stay on course and motivate clients in a fun and rewarding way
measuring before we start a programme then mid way to the aim and ajusting when needed.

nutrition; your body has got to have the nutriants to function properly

exercise; the right training and exercise according to age and condition
rest; right amount of rest and recovery
motivation: having the right mindset is the begining of reaching your goal.

the fact that I could help someone feel better about themselves and achieve their goals

I am driven by growth and achievement with a sense of controling my own destiny
and also developing my own ideas.

I have a mixed background in fitness and training from football , boxing ,martial arts,circuit training,combat training,weights,yoga and many more.
so set programmes for the individual what ever the age or condition or level of fitness