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We make it less scary for you. Running your own business can be scary enough. We take the pressure from you by managing your social media accounts. We create, manage and promote your business across appropriate social media platforms. Making sure it’s bespoke for your clients.


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Ian Mills

19 September 2018

Great service, was a pleasure working with Hannah.


Marie Lewis

23 July 2018

Brilliant new infomation . .loved it .Very friendly . Teaches at a pace that s easy to follow .


Alan Littlewood

23 July 2018

Fantastic professional service from Hannah, really helped us grow our social media base.


Jayne Lockwood

23 July 2018

Fast, Friendly and Effective :) definitely recommend


Suzie Valentine

23 July 2018

Really happy with the professional help, advice and guidance from my meetings with Hannah. She offers really knowledgeable, friendly and relevant support based on individual requirements. Recommended!

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I have always been a bit of an IT geek and loved anything to do with computers and technology, but I also like meeting new people and learning about their businesses and seeing how someones initial idea can flourish in to a business they love and been apart of that is amazing by helping them get online and get noticed.

My step dad is a retired policemen and when he retired he set up a business doing what he loved and it inspired me to do what I loved, so it doesn't feel like work to me because I love what I do.

IT and the internet can be a very male dominated place and I feel, being female stands me out from the crowd, there are so many amazing female business women now but struggle in a male dominated world and I want to be the one that helps then achieve that goal because can sympathises with them because I c=have been there!