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Fast Track EMS offers Personal Fitness Training using the latest in fitness technology. We are able to help you achieve hugely rewarding results for toning, weight loss, muscle development & fitness – all in just one 20 minute session a week.


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10 December 2019

Not just for super-athletic types!If like me you: 1) sit down way too much, 2) dislike exercise, and 3) you’re not sure you actually sure you HAVE a core, please give EMS a try. It’s 20mins - you can do anything for 20mins - and you’ll feel the ‘benefit’ for days afterwards. I’ve discovered entire muscle groups I never knew I had. It works. More...

6 November 2019

Having suffered with an ankle problem for many years, most forms of exercise including walking on bad days have been almost impossible but Fast Track EMS Fitness gives me the opportunity to workout without stressing my ankle. Varied workouts with friendly encouraging instructors. Challenging 20 minute sessions which leave me feeling fitter & healthier. I would highly recommend! More...

22 October 2019

Very professional and friendly people with a variety of workouts and excellent attention to detail. Going to one EMS session weekly has inspired us to visit our gym more regularly and helped our general fitness hugely

16 October 2019

Very professional and friendly people with a variety of workouts and excellent attention to detail

12 October 2019

EMS Fitness is a great way to train, especially for those who are short on time! Each session is intensive but only takes 20 mins. The results are amazing. Thank you Tom and Rach. More...

7 October 2019

Tom and Rachel have been great to work with me to build core strenght and to increase my balance and flexibility. Always upbeat and friendly and I do look forward to my weekly sessions. I have worked with them for over a year and I can highly recommend them. More...

30 September 2019

Great way to strengthen and tone. Everyone was very professional and encouraging. Really enjoyed my 10 sessions and would highly recommended.

8 September 2019

I have just finished a block of ten sessions of EMS training with fast track EMS and have just booked on to another block of ten! I train with my partner and both he and I have noticed a massive improvement in physical stamina and physique. I first wanted to try EMS as I’ve had several issues with herniated discs and problems that have arisen due to hypermobility syndrome, I love being active but felt restricted as the exercise I used to do seemed to exacerbate the pain and injuries. I looked into EMS and its background in rehabilitation and thought maybe this will be good. It’s incredible! The personal approach from both Tom and George mean that postural corrections have helped me use my muscles in the right way which is great in combatting the issues from hypermobility. I already feel so much stronger and we’ve only been going once a week for 20 minutes sessions which has been great for my own time management. Thanks to both Tom and George who are lovely, motivating people who are by no means like a drill sergeant; plenty of laughs along the way. More...

29 August 2019

I am not a natural when it comes to the gym and don't have much free time. So twenty minutes of intense excercise is ideal for me. The trainers are excellent: fun, very patient, know their stuff and are always encouraging. My aim was to feel fitter and stronger and I do! I originally signed up for ten sessions and then for ten more. My balance is better and I am (slightly) more co-ordinated. Can't recommend it highly enough - whether you are young and fit or older and less so! More...

27 March 2019

Great fun and making a huge difference to my strength training. The team are very friendly and approachable. I would 100% recommend it.

9 March 2019

I’ve been doing sessions as part of a programme to get me fit to run a marathon and it’s just been brilliant. I have always struggled with lower back issues as a result of weak gluts and a lack of strength on my legs and this has made a significant difference - I already feel much stronger and know I am now engaging muscle groups more effectively to help with my running. Both Sarah and Rachel have been brilliant trainers and I would really recommend giving it a go if you want to achieve good results and also have some fun at the same time. More...

25 February 2019

This is seriously worthwhile, getting exercise in 20 minutes instead of boring 90 minutes in the gym

7 February 2019

Very quick and helpful response. Taster session very professional and encouraging.

Hi Sue, thanks so much for your fantastic feedback. We are really looking forward to getting you started on your training tomorrow. Tom

4 February 2019

Fast Track EMS has transformed my ailing muscle groups in no time at all. As a quad amputee we struggle to train and work our body’s evenly so some muscle groups get left behind. EMS has worked those groups brilliantly and very efficiently and the benefits are showing already. I cannot recommend Fast Track EMS enough and if I’m feeling the gains after 10 sessions imagine what it could do for the able bodied?! More...

26 January 2019

I thoroughly recommend trying EMS with Tom and his team. They are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. EMS workouts are quick and very effective, and really complement my existing workout routine. I feel so much stronger and my achy back much improved. More...

21 January 2019

I thoroughly recommend trying EMS with Tom and his team. They are all extremely knowledgeable and friendly. EMS workouts are quick and very effective, and have really complemented my existing workout routine. I feel so much stronger and my achy back much improved. More...

27 November 2018

Great workout, better than weights and superb client skills

15 October 2018

I highly recommend these sessions. After a hip replacement 2 years ago i have built so much strength and found muscles I never knew I had ! The sessions are completely individual. I love how much these sessions push me week after week. Totally flexible and really easy to organise, Tom and Rachel could not be more accommodating. More...

21 September 2018

Thoroughly enjoy these positive sessions each week. This was a new venture and the understanding of staff encourages me to move forward. My balance and energy are clearly showing improvements. I recommend a new challenge, thank you Fast Track EMS. Rosy. More...

23 July 2018

Friendly, enthusiastic and motivating trainers, and a great way to squeeze a meaningful workout into a busy life!

23 July 2018

Absolutely brilliant - my back is so much stronger and my fitness levels and core strength have increased hugely. This is a great way to squeeze a full high intensity workout into a short space of time

23 July 2018

The results are great. Feel much stronger and my back has been pain free for a good couple of months now which is just amazing! Staff are friendly and very knowledgable. Highly recommend! More...

26 May 2018

I've had about 7 sessions of Fast Track EMS so far and I'm really feeling the benefits - what an amazing workout! I feel so much stronger and more toned, and the sessions are great fun too. I've had knee problems for years, and this is a great way to exercise without aggravating it, and to strengthen the surrounding muscles. Would definitely recommend. More...

26 May 2018

The guys at Fast Track EMS were super helpful in assisting me with my bad back using EMS. Their equipment is top of the range, amazing!

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