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Elk Ridge Advisory Limited

Elk Ridge Advisory Limited locationCity of London, London

Elk Ridge Advisory is a boutique management consultancy based in the City of London. Our capabilities focus on business transformation, corporate strategy, and business optimisation.

As a boutique firm we can offer a tailored and personalised service. You can take advantage of our unique range of capabilities to identify, implement and realise business improvement opportunities, develop your corporate strategy, enhance the performance of your people and your organisation, and optimise your operations.

Headquartered in London and servicing Europe, North America, and Asia-South Pacific we are led by an experienced team with industry specialisations including Banking and Financial Services, Infrastructure and Utilities, Technology and Media Start-Ups, Real Estate and Retail.

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Elk Ridge Advisory Limited

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Company Location

The Leadenhall Building, 122 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4AB, UK

Elk Ridge Advisory Limited Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

The diversity of our client base and given our boutique nature we have the opportunity to build deep long lasting relationships with our clients.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Having worked in the transformation and turnaround business for over ten years, and having witnessed many directors and boards receive poor, often incorrect advice which was only the best interests of the advisor, we decided to enter the market to provide affordable, quality advice for corporates.

Why should our clients choose you?

We have a wide variety of capabilities in our staff ranging from accountants, lawyers, bankers and industry experts all with proven experience in transforming, turning around and optimising businesses for all stakeholders. We offer the same expertise as larger firms but at a fraction of the cost and with a deeper, long lasting relathionship.

Services provided by Elk Ridge Advisory Limited


Corporate Development

Our Corporate Development capabilities include: Mergers and Acquisitions: Helping you to identify opportunities for growth by designing long term strategies to enhance the value of your organisation, and providing transaction support and managing the final integration of the target into your operations. Divestitures: We can undertake a holistic review of your entire corporate portfolio to identify which assets no longer fit your long term strategy, outlining opportunities for exit in a manner which extracts the best value for your ongoing core business. Joint Ventures and Alliances: We can help you identify the strategic purpose when considering a partnership, identifying a suitable partner to work with, defining appropriate governance processes, and provide ongoing monitoring and support to ensure the goals and purpose of the venture are met. Deal Support: We add value as your organisation prepares to undertake a corporate transaction by designing a detailed transaction plan, including implementation and execution planning for carve-outs or integration. Transaction and Negotiation Support: We can provide advice on deal structure and negotiation of terms and conditions, identify and resolve unforeseen objections to potential bids, or assist with negotiation of terms and conditions in relation to financing or equity transactions.

Operations Consultancy

Our Operations Capabilities Include: Lean Initiatives: How do your processes contribute to your core business? We can fundamentally transform your business by applying and implementing lean principles to your operations. We can create competitive advantage by building a business strategy focused on reducing duplicated and redundant processes, reducing unnecessary costs by identifying ways of doing things better, measuring and managing the performance of your business, and increasing capacity of your operations by optimising the efficiency of your processes. Asset Optimisation: We can undertake a review of your cashflow to identify areas to improve both what you spend your money on how effectively you spend it. In addition we can review your balance sheet and identify areas to optimise your assets to release cash to reinvest in your underlying growth strategy. Outsourcing: Outsourcing can be a powerful way to optimise value in your business, but if applied in the wrong way, the impact to your organisation can be devastating. We can identify where outsourcing can add value by improving the quality of your product in a more efficient, sustainable and cost effective way, allowing you to focus on your core business. Project Management: We can deliver Project Management and project architecture to implement and manage large-scale change. Our Project Management capability is designed around clear and effective communication and stakeholder engagement, that is enduring and adaptable that hardwires the organisation to prepare for change. It also measures and evaluates the outcomes ensuring your strategic goals are achieved and the need for improvements are identified and addressed if and when required. Procurement: We can review and design your procurement strategy that eliminates waste and duplication, ensures resources are allocated where they are needed, reduces your costs through increasing your purchasing power and builds lasting relationships with your suppliers. Service Operations: In competitive markets, the service you offer can be the deciding factor between a sale and a missed opportunity. We can review your service channels and identify which customer behaviours result in successful business, and how to develop these behaviours to increase the customer experience and ultimately revenue growth. Supply Chain Management: We can evaluate your supply chain and identify arears to optimise operational processes to adopt lean and "just in time" supply methods which drives working capital improvements, cost efficiencies, more efficient use of resources. We can also work with you to improve supplier terms and flexibility to further reduce your cost base.

People & Organisation Consultancy

Our People & Organisation Capabilities include: Organisational Design and Health: Designing organisations that drive performance by maximising operational efficiency and leadership performance, and engages with your employee body through the development of sustainable cultural fundamentals. Role of Centre: Reviewing and re-defining the role of the centre that is that simplifies the corporate decision making process and drives value creation. People: Review of your human resources policies to ensure you are deploying your people resources appropriately and that they continue to contribute to the changing goals of your business, designing programs to ensure that your people develop skills and capabilities relevant you your business and effectively communicate to ensure you extract the maximum potential from your most valuable resource. We can also assist you in designing, implementing, and managing large scale downsizing programmes. Culture: Holistic review of the organisational behaviour and culture which are aligned to your overarching corporate strategy ensuring they drive growth and value creation. Leadership: Even the best corporate strategies in the world will not succeed without effective leaders. We can undertake a discreet review, design and implement a programme to develop your existing leadership team to ensure you have the most effective leaders aligned to your strategy; or source and implement a new generation of skilled and adaptive leaders to realise your strategic goals. Change Management: Elk Ridge Advisory has the capabilities to help you through what can be one of the most significant events your organisation may ever face: Change. If managed incorrectly, large-scale change can destroy an organisation. We can design and implement a change programme built around clear and effective communication and stakeholder engagement, that is enduring and adaptable that hardwires the organisation to prepare for change. We will also measure and evaluate the outcomes from the change programme ensuring your strategic goals are achieved and the need for improvements are identified and addressed if and when required.

Strategy Consultancy

Our strategy capabilities include: Corporate Strategy and Portfolio Management: The majority of corporate strategies don't fail. More often it is management's ability execute or believe their corporate strategy will achieve their goals that is the common theme for failure. We will assess your corporate portfolio, identify opportunities of advantage, cultivate growth and create value by refining your strategic planning processes and ensuring the decision making processes are aligned to an overarching corporate strategy that you can believe in. Business Unit Strategy: We design and implement strategies for specific business units to achieve the most value out of their operations - ensuring that your entire organisation is valued more than in individual parts, and enhance decision making processes to ensure that your business units can react and adapt quicker than your competitors. Growth Fundamentals: Many companies design growth strategies focused on buying busineses that they believe are complimentary, but in fact create huge cost burdens on the centre, perceived synergies are never realised, and in most cases ultimately compete with each other for resources. We define strategies that focus on your core business and identify opportunities to leverage the underlying resources such as distribution networks or suppliers to enter new markets or develop cross-sell opportunities - rather than building a portfolio of assets that ultimately have similar outputs. We can also undertake a strategic review of your portfolio using an analytical approach to understand where the opportunities for growth are which may be have been overlooked or disregarded perhaps in a certain geography or industry sector. We can design a strategy to for you resource and derive potential value from these identified opportunities. Innovation: In today's rapidly evolving markets, innovation is the key to survival. Put simply - companies that innovate, succeed. The key to this success is to ensure you have the strategies which combine both creative and analytical methods to encourage and foster innovation to move the game changing ideas from the drawing board to the shop front swiftly, affordably, with minimal risk. Engagement: We can help you build a strategy to resolve issues or respond to crises to plan and engage with a broad range of stakeholders such as shareholders, governments and/or regulators, consumers and other special interest groups. Emerging Markets: As the focus of global economic growth shifts further towards Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America, Elk Ridge Advisory can help you access the limitless opportunities that await by supporting your entry and development in these key markets. Sustainability: As the international community becomes evermore focused on environmental sustainability, we can help you define your renewable energy strategies, identify the benefits to green waste management processes, and advise you of the impact of changing environmental regulations may have on your business. Vision and Mission: We will work with you to define your organisation's mission and build your strategy with inherent processes to guide the behaviours required to achieve your future vision.

Turnaround & Transformation Consultancy

Our Turnaround & Transformation capabilities include: - Turnaround and Transformation experience in distressed and special situation engagements. - Restructuring advice including restructure options to financially distressed organisations. - Advice on exit strategies, timing, options and execution. - Advice on Transactional structuring particularly in distressed and special situation engagements. - Organisational restructuring. - Performance Improvement and value-improvement initiatives. - Advice on cultural change strategies and execution.

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