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Dillip Kumar

30 June 2019

Old world charm


Rezzi I.

9 July 2010

This catered university residence (Polloch Halls) is also known as Edinburgh First outwith the school semester, and has a pretty wide range of accomodation available!I was placed in Chancellor's court, one of the newer buildings. I'd say it's quite angular and modern; not exactly what I had hoped for in the beginning, as I'd aspired for more Hogwarts-like surroundings. However I quickyly came to appreciate my lot, as Chancellor's is one of the four dorms with ensuite bathrooms! I wouldn't say the other buildings were shabby, or too shabby; they are what actual university dorms should look like. Chancellors, and the even newer John Burnett are just a bit extravagant!In the middle of it all is the JMCC, or John McIntyre Centre, where the catering facilities and school shop are. The centre underwent an £8 million refurbishment in 2009 so everything's still bright and shiny.Many students are contractually kicked out of the halls during the easter break, when Pollock Halls becomes Edinburgh First and Chancellor's Court is used as a hotel for guests.Wasn't really a fan of that policy! More...

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