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Duncan Blackett Law offers many years experience in business and corporate matters.

Corporate Services

1. Corporate Governance
- Company Formation
- Limited Liability Partnerships
- Shareholders Agreement



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I love feeling satisfied when I am able to give clients a solution exactly as required. Working with a client to achieve the right and appropriate solution that will enhance their/its business needs and at an affordable cost.

I wanted to work with small businesses to provide a service which is required at the outset of setting up a business. I did not want small businesses/entrepreneurs to feel intimidated (as I understand they can feel) when dealing with large established organisations.

The business world has changed. Technology allows us to operate differently and I wanted to offer legal services that was visionary and structured for 21st Century.

Many years experience of different business situations - 20 years in the financial services sector. 20 years working with different Boards, Shareholders, Senior management and international businesses I have acquired a wide range of skills, experience and am able to see matters from various different angles therefore providing you with the best option for your business.