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Drums are thought to be one of the oldest forms of the musical instruments known to humankind. So old, truth be told, that scientists from the National Academy of Science have said that drumming is vital to our species; different primates also communicate by drumming. It may in all likelihood be something we as humans have evolved to do.

In various forms, the art of drumming has likewise turned into an indispensable part of societies all over the world, from East Asian war drumming to the talking drums of Sri Lanka and the djembe of West Africa. These instruments are universal in nature is deeply tied to our humanity.

DrumConnection connects students with a very specific part of our human heritage: the djembe drum music of Guinea, Mali, and other West African countries. Guinea is a little country on the west shoreline of Africa, yet it has a large presence on the world stage. We offer an exciting, healing and unique experience of the rhythms of the continent.

Everything started about 30 years ago in Arlington, Mass. As a facilitator, I was asked to organize drummers so people new to drumming could get along, as loud drums were not playing well with tiny, quiet drums.

The school officially became DrumConnection in 1990 as part of The Cambridge Center of Adult Education, a prominent adult education school founded in 1886 and now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In the beginning, it was just a few classes that Alan taught, but their popularity led to the program's expansion. Today, we are the largest hand drumming school in New England. We have a teacher training program and 10-15 amazing instructors. For the last 25 years, our teaching studio was The Arlington Center for the Arts, which is a great place to learn art, music, drama and life lessons; formerly located at The Gibbs School.

Our program is unique because we are able to bring in true hand drumming masters such as Famoudou Konate, Mamady Keita, Bolokada Conde, Wadaba and many others who share their cultures, rhythms, and lore with students. Students are also given the chance to visit Guinea, the birthplace of the djembe drum.

Our Roots…

• Alan Tauber, the founder of DrumConnection began drumming at the age of the 4. From marching band to jazz to pop, rock, folk, power punk, fusion and classical percussion he was drawn to the West African djembe 35 years ago. The list of the famous drummers he had the pleasure to study and play with is a who’s who in the drumming world. Stars from the Rock world, like Carmine Apice to jazz legends Gary Burton, Fred Buda, Alan Dawson, Vic Firth, Joe Morello, Alphonse Mouzon, and the great Buddy Rich. In African music, Alan has spent much time and befriended by Ibrahima Camara, Abdoulaye Sylla, Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita, ‘Wadaba', Bolokada Kondé, Babara Bangoura, and his current master the only living legend of the djembe and dunun, Famoudou Konaté.

• That said, it takes a sensitive musician to bring music to life and Alan has proved over and over again that he knows what makes a great teacher, a great performer, and a steady accompaniment player as well as soloist. His own limitations physically due to the hard demands of the djembe has enlightened Alan to consult with students, doctors and researchers alike about best treatment options and playing techniques he has developed and honed for older djembe players.

“As you age, you must be sure you know what you are really doing on that djembe or those dunun or you will get hurt. It’s similar to a sport which is very enriching, exciting and fun but if you fall or don’t take rest days, you may pay for that later. Better to learn a solid skill set first.

• Alan developed the Teacher in Training Course for people who like to teach but also for those who what to develop their playing at a very fast rate. If you have to teach it, you will learn it. If your sounds are not pure, your students will not understand what you are playing so it makes your sounds pure. It’s a great way to become involved with West African drumming and get really good and give back to the community. Most communities need a good dose of drumming. Read his website of all the benefits of drumming for the general population at https://www.drumconnection.com

They have the opportunity to travel annually to study drumming, language, dance, and experience culture from the Guineans. We usually visit, Guinea, Mali or The Gambia. In the recent past our masters there are Grandmaster Famoudou Konate himself (the last living, working master from his generation. Possibly the last chance students have to learn from him), Sayon Camara, Mamady WADABA Kourouma and Nansady Keita (nephew of Monsieur Konaté) the heir to the 'thrown' of Famoudou himself.

DrumConnection's long-standing history of bridging cultures through music is still going strong. Though we closed our retail in store in 2018, we STILL make and offer the best in djembe and dunun. Alan decided that Retail was not allowing him to enjoy what built DrumConnection - THE CLASSES and private or semi-private and group lessons. Hand to Hand teaching as it is known.

Our success has had a lot to do with being able to see what each student needed from a drum course. What were the things that we could do to make their understanding and musical ability flourish? I was with filled rooms of future drummers and I needed to be able to reach everybody. Since I am naturally gifted with seeing too much, it was my passion to help every person attain their goals.

So call us first at 781-316-8068. Find us online at drumconnection.com

DrumConnection is a treasure trove of high quality and professional percussion, accessories, ancient African masks and cloth, grain doors almost 100 years old, and even modern percussion as drum kits, cymbals, bass drums...everything for the modern drummer. We are also the go-to place for drum repair in Boston. We stock Guinean cowhides and goatskins, and other skins as well, including the plastic ones, and have professional drum makers on staff ready to help or even rebuild your drum!

Our drum classes run many nights each week in many locations. An emphasis on the development of the drummer, as well as having a blast while doing it; We all become close and it's always a caring group. Specialty workshops are about once a month or so. Drum circles are once or twice a month on Fridays at Munroe Center for the Arts on Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, MA. Join us!

DrumConnection Reviews

DrumConnection Reviews

Review of DrumConnection by Robert W. Sansom
5 20/04/2018 Robert W. Sansom

A true gem for anyone looking for a new experience: African hand drum lessons, authentic instrument purchases, and more.

I signed up for a 6 week beginner djembe class (and rented a drum to take home an practice during the session), and have found a new zen in my my life. It is so much fun playing a hand drum, and after only one class i felt ready to participate in a drum circle. (Which are organized regularly through the shop)

Alan is the owner of the shop and is an expert on the African rhythms of Guinea Africa. In hi classes and workshops, he'll teach you more than just how to play the drum: he'll also teach you how to speak to the drum and have it speak to you; He'll teach you about the people and culture of Guinea and other West African countries and the importance of the drum and dance on them; and he'll share anecdotal stories of his visits there and the people he's met.

He attests: Anyone can learn to drum. And if everyone drummed, there would be no war, no racism, no hate. After sitting in on a class and experiencing the zen, you quickly understand that there is truth in his statement.

Review of DrumConnection by Charley Settles
5 01/01/2018 Charley Settles

Like sponges absorbing moisture, the Hearts of children can be broken when Life delivers so much hurt. But drumming is a matrix in which children create the positive metaphor for their tomorrows. For this reason, my motivation for taking the wonderful DrumConnection hand drumming course is captured in the poem below:

Review of DrumConnection by adam yezid
5 24/11/2017 adam yezid

One of the Best Drummers, I cannot believe he is so precise ,helpful and down to earth.. He took his time to explain things and help me decide on whats best for me .. thanks Alan you definitely deserve 5 stars.

Review of DrumConnection by John Doe
5 31/10/2017 John Doe

The drum connection is where I began. Working, learning, taking lessons from this man. I was able to get my crazies out on the Djembe. Best times ever. Highly recommend the Drum Connection and all of their people.

Review of DrumConnection by Cindy Giron
5 03/10/2017 Cindy Giron

Drum Connection is a wonderful drum school to learn rhythms, culture, and something about yourself. I found the drumming classes to be very enlightening and enjoyed the community aspect of the studio's environment. The teachers are excellent in explaining and teaching rhythms with great patience in guiding you. I definitely recommend you to go check out a class! They also have great instruments, so check out what they have while you're at it!

Review of DrumConnection by Conde Mamoudou
4 Conde Mamoudou


Review of DrumConnection by Amadou Sona Camara
5 Amadou Sona Camara

J'aimerais bien être l'un des membres de Drumconnection .c'est mon veux

Review of DrumConnection by Demba Amadou Sarr
5 Demba Amadou Sarr

Is good

Review of DrumConnection by Sherisa M. Sterling
Sherisa M. Sterling

I went to a great drum circle there a few months ago.

Review of DrumConnection by Alan Tauber
5 Alan Tauber

The Trip to Africa that will change your life!

Review of DrumConnection by Paula Z Tusler
5 Paula Z Tusler

What a fun store and great lessons!!

Review of DrumConnection by Ted Goodman
Ted Goodman

We loved the first class and looking forward to many more. Great way to unwind at the end of the day!

Review of DrumConnection by Younia Kowal
5 Younia Kowal

Love my new drum and the classes! Great shop, amazing experience!

Review of DrumConnection by Carla Aronson Pomprowicz
5 Carla Aronson Pomprowicz

The Drum Connection is a welcoming place to learn from world renowned artists. Check out the classes and research the master teachers for a better understanding of the incredible classes being offered here.

Review of DrumConnection by Michael Pluznick
5 Michael Pluznick

An amazing one of a kind music store/ shop, musical resource and even a studio for lessons. Knowledgable staff and packed with very desirable goodies for every percussionist or percussion lover!

Review of DrumConnection by Gil Graham
5 Gil Graham

Alan is the man to consult even for such esoteric items as Sonor tension rods. If he doesn't immediately know the answer he'll find it in a matter of days.

Review of DrumConnection by Amanda St. Martin
5 Amanda St. Martin

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about DrumConnection. Alan and John helped me pick out the perfect drum, and when I came in tonight, Alan talked with me for at least an hour about technique, the history of the djembe coming to America, and more. The place is warm and inviting, and the people who work there are the same. I am confident I chose the best place to start my drumming journey, and I will be back for their classes! Five stars all the way!

Review of DrumConnection by Deborah Elizabeth Lotus
5 Deborah Elizabeth Lotus

Alan is pleasant, knowledgeable about EVERYTHING to do with percussion and African Drums and culture and he is fair in his pricing and good with servicing replacement drum heads, tuning, and has lessons and other educative sessions in his store and elsewhere. Founder of the 'Drum Connection', he has brought numerous African drummers to Boston area and is a very fine person to do business with!

Review of DrumConnection by Kev Kristo
5 Kev Kristo

The place to go.(period) :) Thank you Alan for all you have done and continue to do in the name of rhythm!

Review of DrumConnection by Al Cecchinelli
5 Al Cecchinelli

Alan Tauber, the owner has built a community of drummers over a lifetime of teaching and caring. His shop though catering to the African side of percussion carries items for the Afro/Cuban, rock, funk and country drummers. Stop by and visit. Tell him that CRASH sent you.


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DrumConnection Q&A

DrumConnection Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Simple. I love to get people to play really well, really quickly! I don't need to move fast but why waste a student's time? I love how they simply must record the lessons as they are learning so much. All they have to do is listen to the smartphone recording they made when they get home, and it's like taking the private lesson many times. Proven to work for everyone! Powerful learning experiences. I want students to play as good as me :) That's (in my head) my goal.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I learned a long time ago when I was about 5, that if you taught someone what you can do and HOW you do it, then both of you can do it and YOU (the teacher) get really better. The more people you can teach, the better you, yourself become! The best drummers teach on their types of drums. I enjoy experiencing the successes as we move from lesson to lesson. It makes me play better too!

Why should our clients choose you?

Well, I am a professional teacher and drummer. I love people of all ages and I enjoy working and playing with both adults and children. An aside... just last Sunday (as of this writing) one of my 11-year-old students on drum kit played so well for a complete song, I was moved so much to give him a big hug as his father looked on. He was so proud and I was amazed at his drumming. He's only been playing 1 year with weeks of not practicing but he got to that very special place of being a musician! Wow!

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