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We are a computer services company aiming to provide our knowledge and expertise to make sure your computer devices work how you would expect them to work. We serve personal customers as well as small to medium size businesses.

Our brand is based on our company values which are outlined below, in line with our strong ethos to build a global community with the aim of building a brighter future for everyone everywhere.


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Elliott Crocker

18 February 2019

Set up of repair was very quick and with very no difficulty. The price was outstanding. The repair time was also amazing to make sure I had my computer back when I needed it



14 February 2019

I had them to set-up my tablet and the gentlemen knowledgeable and poile, he did'nt talk down to me an old lady and he was patient I would recomnd them

Hi Susan, thank you for the lovely words. It was a great pleasure meeting you. Many thanks, Conor Donnellan

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A great website is one that catches the readers eye, and makes them want to navigate through the ages to find out what the company has to offer. Too many flashy images, or sales gimmicks put many people off, so it is key to remember that less is more.

What is it they are looking to achieve? What is your main goal? How do you envisage what the end goal will be?

I love being able to offer my customers the service they deserve, and being able to control what I can offer to my customers. I am the type of person who likes to go the extra mile for my customers, so being able to do that makes me love my job even more.

To be able to take control of what I can offer my customers in terms of service and knowledge.

Well if you choose to work with myself and Donn-Taylor Tech, I can guarantee that you will receive the highest quality of customer service and will want to return and tell all your friends and family about us. Our list of services is not completely exhaustive, so if there is something you need relating to IT or other tech, then please give us a call and see how we can help.



Our personal PC repair service covers most issues we experience with our technical devices on an everyday basis. The example list below may cover your issue, but Donn-Taylor Tech has the skills and knowledge to fix most issues. Common Issues: PC won’t boot up Operating System has corrupted Hardware failures Software failures System has become slow and clunky No power Devices We Fix: Desktop Computers Most Laptops Apple Macs iPads Android Tablets Windows Tablets

Have you recently taken a backup up your personal computer, laptop or tablet? Do you have a portable hard drive with photos, videos and music on which are sentimentally valuable to you? And have you backed that up? Do you know what you would do if your storage device corrupted and you lost EVERYTHING! We are able to recover up to 99.9% of data which has been lost due to device corruption, enabling you to retrieve those lost memories which you never thought you would see again. Our services can include coming to you, or you sending the device to us, which we will then begin the data recovery process straight away. It is as easy as that. We can then put your recovered data on to the media of your choice, and we can also discuss with you recommendations and advice on properly backing up your storage devices so you won’t have this issue again. If you need our help, or want to find out more then contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Fixing Issues If you are experiencing issues with your home network, and your service provider has told you it’s not an issue with your service, it could be a problem with you network hardware. We can offer our services to repair or replace your network hardware to get your internet connection and the connection to your devices in your home back up and running again. Creating your Home Network If you currently only have a internet router supplied by your service provider, then you could be missing out on some of the cool and exciting features of having a home network. With a home network, you can connect smart TV’s, laptops, desktop computers and other devices together to share photos, videos and music. You can also share a printer, even if you don’t have a WiFi enabled printer. Contact us today to discuss what your requirements are in regards to your Home Network, and we can discuss with you your options and the devices you will need, which we can supply. Setting up your Smart Devices If you currently have Smart Devices such as TV’s, kitchen appliances and other audio/visual devices, we can help connect them up and optimise them so you can use their full functionality. If you do not currently have any Smart Devices but wish to find out more about them and how you could enable your home to a Smart Home, then please contact us for more information. Hard-wiring Network Cable If you live in a house or area where WiFi signals are limited, then you still have the option to hard-wire your home to still enjoy your devices being connected. We can come to your home and install wiring in to the rooms you desire. Once we have installed the network cables, we will make sure your have a router which is compatible with the amount connections and the devices you wish to connect. We can discuss how you want the cables to be run on a home visit, where you can decide to have them run behind the wall or through trunking attached to the wall. Contact us to discuss your options.

The security of your device is as important as the device itself due to the high value of your device and the value of the data that is held on it which can be used for criminal activities including identity theft. The security of your device can be viewed in two ways; firstly the physical security of your device which means how your device is kept safe from physical theft, and secondly the cyber security of your device which means how the integrity and data is kept safe from theft. The services that we offer our customers focus on the cyber security of your device, and what you can do to limit the risk of a criminal from gaining unauthorised access to your device and stealing your data or affecting the integrity of your device. Our list of services below will give you an idea of how we can help. You want to keep your device safe: Here at Donn-Taylor Tech we can help you to make sure your device is secure and stop any unauthorised access to your device or data. Our services include: Installing and configuring Anti-virus software Installing and configuring Malware detection and Worm detection software Checking your device for security flaws Making sure your device is fully up-to-date with the latest software/firmware Make sure the privacy settings on your device mean your not giving too much of your information away Your device has been infected or accessed: If you have already been unfortunate, and have already been targeted by cyber criminals who have infected your device, we can help you in the following ways: Backing Up your data and wiping your device Recovering any data you may have lost Installing and updating critical security software Checking your device for further security flaws Showing you how you can reduce the risk of being attacked by cyber criminals in the future

If you are a business looking for IT services in the following areas: - Workstation Repair - Data Recovery - Equipment Recycling - Cyber Security Protection - Networking - New Installations - Consultancy Then please contact us at askus@donntaylortech.com

Donn-Taylor Tech has the skills and knowledge to create a stunning website for your business based on your specification and your branding. We use the latest WordPress 5.0 software to build your website, which is used as the main platform as it is the most compatible with all leading web browsers. Your website may be the first ‘port of call’ for your customers, so making sure you have a catching website which represents your business or maybe you is important to us when completing a design. The website can be hosted on a service of your choosing, and we can help to source and transfer your website for you as part of a package. We offer maintenance services, where we will continue to monitor, maintain and update your website based on your marketing, branding and business requirements. The Donn-Taylor brand treats all of it’s clients like one of its own brands, so you will be safe in knowing you can trust your business with us. Other services we offer in line with our website design: -Domain Registration -SEO Integration -Sourcing the right hosting and email service -Security and privacy -Maintenance, Monitoring and Content Update