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A modern, forward-thinking film production company for businesses looking to improve their visual representation for their brand, service, product, message, training. Whether it's a simple "talking head", virtual tour, promotional video or high-class commercial, Depiqd are able to offer a range of services to satisfy a variety of budgets.

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20 December 2019

If you want a high quality piece of film shot for your website or social media channels, I highly recommend Alex Cameron

3 January 2019

I have worked with Depiqd on number of projects and they have never failed to be anything short of amazing! The quality of their work and attention to detail is second to none. You can't go wrong!

3 January 2019

This was the first time we've commissioned a video and Depiqd made it a pain free process. Alex took the time to understand our product and the messages we wanted to convey, we felt confident that the project was delivered to spec, on time and on budget - which is was! We couldn't be happier with the end result. More...

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From the most basic to highly complex video production, the team at Depiqd can help you get your ideas from concept to reality. If you're struggling for concept then we can help with that too. Telling engaging stories that move the heart to guide the mind is at the core of what we do!

If you are an educator or expert in your field then why not share that with a huge audience of people who prefer to learn online in their own time. We know it can seem daunting but we have the creative skills and the hosting know-how to ensure the success of your course and online content.

Now that 360 video and photography standards have become more professional, it's a great way to let your clients experience your venue, shop or premises. Link to that you video production knowledge and we can help guide your audience of potential customers on a dynamic, informational tour of everything that you do and give them calls to action depending on their preferences.