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Burnley, Lancashire

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David Bridle Hypnotherapy

Burnley, Lancashire



Hello, my name is David Bridle and I am a qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, I trained at CPHT which is the 'gold standard' in U.K hypnotherapy. I am passionate about helping others to fulfil their potential. Life can at various times be stressful and we are not always aware of the detrimental effect that stress is having on our lives.


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Di Brierley

23 September 2019

My husband was a smoker for 44 years, he needed to give up smoking for health reasons. He had tried all the usually ways of quitting and all had failed. He had a cigarette before going into to see David, 1 session with David and he walked out a none smoker. He has not had any cravings or shown an interest in cigarettes. All I can say David is FANTASTIC, we would highly recommend More...


Louise Claire

1 September 2019

Prior to my 4th visit to Orlando, I visited David for help and support with my fear of rollercoasters. My phobia had become progressively worse over the years and I was fed up of dreading the drop on the log flume or panicking on the family coasters. My fear was extreme and one time I almost hyperventilated whilst trying to be brave. So I decided that hypnotherapy was worth a try. Now, let me tell you first, that I am not someone who really does alternative therapies but after failing to just be brave, and wanting to go on rides with my family, I decided it was worth a shot. My aim was to go on the smaller family coasters without panicking. David was very professional, easy to listen to and understand. I enjoyed learning about the brain and he made me feel at ease in the sessions. I did my ‘homework’ and David did 4 sessions of hypnotherapy with me. And then it was time to put my learning into practise. On Day 1 on Florida, I went on a family coaster called Everest without a hint of panic! I was super impressed! But then I began to wonder about the big coasters! I continued to listen to the download which David had given to me and wondered what I could achieve. Before the end of the first week of our holiday, I had been on coasters with 7 inversions (something that was impossibly before!) and the Tower of Terror drop ride several times! And then as my brain started to see that it really was ok, I went on the tallest, fastest in Orlando. It’s called Mako! The first drop is 200ft straight down and the airtime is phenomenal! Oh and it travels over 70mph! I went on that 6 times including right at the front! I would like to thank David for helping me through my phobia without judgement and giving me the opportunity to experience new things with my family - my children and husband are totally amazed with what I have achieved! I would 100% recommend David. If it worked for me, it can work for anyone. More...


Caroline Young

19 May 2019

Amazing!!! Fully qualified hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Highly recommended


Mrs B

26 January 2019

David went above and beyond to help me while I was on a quick trip to Burnley. I was terribly sick on the plane over from Australia and didnt want the same to happen on the way home. David slotted me in and revised a plan to help me and I'm so lucky that it actually worked!!! I was not sick at all. Anyone in Burnley needing hypnotherapy I highly recommend David!! More...


Karen Coupe

27 December 2018

Following a series of traumatic events in my life, I chose to undergo hypnotherapy with Mr David Bridle. The therapy I received over several weeks enabled me to move on with my life and prepare me for future events so that I was better able to deal with them in a calm and reasonable manner. I have recently had further serious trauma in my life and his training and advice has helped me enormously. I highly recommend him. More...


I enjoy helping people achieve their goals, it's very rewarding to see the difference that can be achieved using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

I was inspired to start my own business because through my training i know that i can make a real difference to people's lives, having seen the positive effects of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy first hand.

Clients should choose me because i practice Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, as the name suggests we look for a solution, striving together to achieve real change. Looking back isn't necessary, we're interested in being positive and moving forward.