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Within us, a Life time of skill-sets, abilities, references, experiences & learning's...
We also have a life time of beliefs, values, dreams, wishes, hopes, goals etc...

The challenge is a lot of people find the above 2 sentences don't always seem to add up.

That their Life does not represent what they believe it should be, that they feel 'lost'
in the world they live in or they can't seem to make progress, or they don't seem to have
what they believe they deserve in their Personal or Business Life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

My passion is to help people unravel the complexity that controls them from within.

To find these goals, dreams, wishes and hopes and to then align them with
- the necessary beliefs, values and feelings that will enable this individual to begin
producing the correct behaviors, leading to the desired effects they are seeking in their Life.

Once an alignment takes place between one's desires, and one's internal compass so to speak,
CHANGES occur often at lightening speed - because every part of 'you' is now working together
- NOT in conflict, to reach a single objective outcome - your desired goal.

In short - I help individuals to Un-Lock their own Potential to allow them to move forward
( not side ways or backwards or stagnate ) in the direction of their desired outcome

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Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Helping people to make that difference in the Quality of their lives is the MOST rewarding part.

What inspired you to start your own business?

The pain of having been in lack in my own life growing up. Lack in the emotional, relationship, financial, career and physical sense, To help others going through all the same issues now is my vision and mission.

Why should our clients choose you?

I don’t accept that I must have an academic qualification as a life coach – in order to be accepted as a Life Coach.
Therefore by choice I do not hold an academic Life Coaching qualification.
My reasoning is this …
Can I really be taught about REAL Life sitting in a class room on my bum with a pen in 1 hand and paper in front of me and I am to listen to someone tell me about Life – and – how to deal with people, problems etc… while I write down answers!? just so I can get a piece of other paper, that says “I AM” a life coach, NOW!?
For me that is a definite NO NO.
This is NOT me just trying to be different – for different sake. Neither is this some sort of rebellion. This IS purely my personal feelings on the subject.
Out of genuine respect to my colleagues in the Life Coaching profession, I am talking here about my own Belief, not about them or what is right or wrong. I make no judgment against anyone else. I am simply – because I have the moral and legal right to – expressing my own feelings. I wish not to offend anyone or create any conflict. Having said that I know from experience – even after having said all this I will still get attacked and judged, that is okay, if that is what others need to do to feel secure because they feel threatened then so be it.
To briefly expand upon what then makes me Believe I am qualified to “help” others…
For 20 years, I have in 1 form or other been Coaching someone in some context. Whether it was the early days as a Professional Personal Trainer where you don’t just work people out but if you can appreciate the situation – working with an individual over weeks or months sometimes even years you become almost an agony aunt or in my case an agony uncle and you frankly, hear everything about their personal life and naturally become a good listener and subsequent therapist!
I came from an impoverished home and background – to having Financial Wealth today, so having experienced both ends of the spectrum I can relate to anyone’s financial situation.
Or my voluntary work with various Charities such as the Befriending service among others or Samaritans for example where for 3 years I dealt with people on this suicide phone line service, can’t learn that in a class room!
Or working with the elderly through my Charity “S.O.U.P” – can you imagine interacting with individuals who are age 70, 80, 90 and who have an immeasurable amount of wisdom about REAL LIFE and doing this for over 8 years! Every problem and challenge you and I are now going through – they have ALREADY gone through – THAT – is beyond verbal description of it’s Value.
This is not to mention my direct work as a Professional Life Coach for the last 15 years and having worked with thousands of people direct in different environments and different Countries. I Humbly feel, that I have a Wealth of Experience across many contexts in Life. That also comes from experiencing all the problems myself at one point too. I believe other people may be experiencing similar or same difficulties and challenges themselves in their Life, I therefore feel I have access to the SOLUTIONS that may be of Value to people out there who are looking for them.
I am currently 44 but I feel about 71!!!!!
I am not saying just because I have done these things that that makes me special or I can do “anything” – quite the opposite in fact, this is just a brief example of my experiences in Life – thus far!
I DO Believe however I have the resources to provide everyday people – to – High end Executives of Business the SOLUTIONS to the PROBLEMS they encounter in their daily Life.
I have addressed the question here because, other than the fact that everyone can read this and then make their own free will decision about me, I personally believe that in the context of Life Coaching people are only interested in “1” primary thing – the RESULT.
Not the promise or hope or guarantee or testimonial or a qualification for that matter.
They seek the CHANGE in the circumstance they are in. Delivering that change is all people care about from my own experience.
My point is – if I had 3 PhD’s as a Life Coach but still could NOT help anyone – what value / use would those 3 PhD’s have!!

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Google Reviews

Review of Darren Christopher Rowland by George Gibb
5 months ago

DCR is fantastic and I owe him a great debt for just how much he has helped me. I was having problems trying to juggle everything one has to do in Life. My Business, my home life, looking after my health and still have the energy to do all the other things that need to be done, I was feeling overwhelmed. I looked for a Life Coach, never used the service before and wasn't sure who to choose. I knew I would need some one who was experienced across the board, and could relate to my situation. I saw DCR's FREE 30 day Coaching plan on the web and decided to try it. Quite frankly it was just what I needed, it provided a lot of very useful and practical knowledge and a strategic approach to making the changes I was after. I was impressed enough that even before the 30 day plan had completed I made direct contact with DCR and arranged to use his 1-2-1 service. As good as the 30 day coaching plan was, being mentored by DCR direct was incredible, way beyond what I thought it would be like. I not only handled the overwhelm but DCR helped me to put things in order in such a way that I ended up with even more energy and had the best 3 month period in my business in the last 2 years. My home life is genuinely better than it was and my level of passion for life is back as it used to be. I am continuing to use DCR and his services going forwards because I don't know how I can juggle without someone coaching me. I guess that's why they are Life Coaches! Thank you Darren.

George Gibb
Review of Darren Christopher Rowland by Sean Uppling
6 months ago

This guy is Amazing, so different to what I expected. Never used a Coach before so was a bit apprehensive but in less than 5 minutes this guy had already made me feel different just by talking, then he went to work on me so to speak - 25 minutes later I no longer had the FEAR of commitment - I don't even know how he did it, he just talked to me and made me see certain things I never saw before I guess. Highly recommend him, his name is Darren Christopher Rowland. I went home and brought the ring I had been putting off, asked my girlfriend the magic question the SAME EVENING and now we are planning to marry in 5 months time. I feel no concern or dread that I had previously - I just feel relaxed and centered as DCR says, the guy is not cheap! but in hindsight worth every penny WOW!

Sean Uppling
Review of Darren Christopher Rowland by RJ MALIK
6 months ago

DCR is one of these very rare people who deliver. My sessions with him have been nothing short of jaw dropping and eye catching. I was looking around for Coaching for some time but wasn't overly impressed about what was available in Life Coaching until I saw DCR on the web. I liked what he had to say. After meeting with him I knew I had made the right choice. Even after just 2 Coaching sessions I was feeling different and I acting different in my Life. I decided to continue my Coaching with DCR as feel so different compared to when I was just drifting along by myself. I have now not only achieved, but actually exceeded my initial Goal. DCR is a very Professional, empathetic, knowledgeable guy. I highly recommend him.

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3rd Floor,, 207 Regent St, Mayfair, London W1B 3HH, UK

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Hello & a Very Warm Welcome … My name is Darren Christopher Rowland (DCR). I am a Professional Life Changing Coach. I help people to make CHANGES in their Lives. Whether that be : Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial, Relationship or Career. Seems that everyone is looking for a CHANGE or a shift in their behavior or their feelings in some context of their lives, could be : – to stop smoking – to earn more money – to stop feeling depressed or nervous – to get back the intimacy they use to have with their partner – to achieve a higher / Senior managerial position in their profession – to overcome the ‘loss‘ of someone – to break an addiction – to overcome a major FEAR – to lose weight and keep it off – to feel Happy more often … and the list is simply endless. My skill set is in helping individuals to Un-lock their own potential. Sometimes people may have challenges in accessing their own Resources due to Emotional blocks, lack of an effective strategy or just getting overwhelmed at each attempt. I believe that the Resources people need to make the changes they are after already resides within them. My expertise is to help them to get access to those resources or I help to install them in the individual if needed, and in doing so they themselves are then able to facilitate the change they were after all along. Coaching is not positive thinking. It is not telling you what to do. It is not intrusive and it is not relinquishing control. Coaching IS supportive, it IS nudging, it IS guiding, it IS needling, it IS intervention, it IS strategy, it IS revealing, it IS empowering and it IS definitely Effective. Every successful athlete that has ever lived has had a Coach – someone on the out side of them to remind them what they are capable of, to help them to dig deeper than they could by themselves to find those resources to bring them out and then use them to their advantage over their opponents – to win. Everyone can relate to that example but a isn’t your Life as a whole more important than an athletes profession? A lot of people do believe so and that is why they hire a Life Coach to help them in the more important game – of Life.

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