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Daniel Harding

Brockley, SE4, London, London

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Daniel Harding

Brockley, SE4, London, London



I teach all ages on any level from beginners to advanced. Over a period of time my lessons will have covered the following subjects: technique, phrasing, various genres, playing with a sense of groove, reading music, ergonomics, as well as how to approach the drums in order to play with maximum effect but minimum effort.


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25 May 2019

I took weekly lessons with Dan for about 3 months but had to stop as i'm an adult with commitments and couldn't find the time to practise! I had been a beginner drummer years ago looking to get going again, with an interest in funk so did not want to go to just a rock drummer. Dan is a jazz drummer, and can of course teach rock very easily as this is simple in comparison. Our lessons were easy going with a clear idea of why we were doing things to move forward, and Dan always had exercises ready for me to do along with explanations why they were important for me to do. After all, something as simple as a paradiddle seems kind of weird without an explanation! He also paid attention to getting the proper technique which isn't so important as a beginner but can have repercussions in future as you progress. He also did excellent tabs for some of the funk songs I wanted to learn. Can highly recommend. More...

30 July 2018

Dan taught me over the period of around 9 months, we had weekly lessons that amounted to around 24. I came for help with my auditions for music colleges at the end of the year and fortunately with Dan's help I succeeded. It's hard to find drummers teaching jazz so having Dan teaching me was a valuable opportunity. He corrected a lot of bad old habits of mine, cultivated my ability to solo and also introduced me ideas and concepts of different drummers. I went from not knowing what to do at all when it comes to soloing, to being able to pull some short trading/solos with my band. I would recommend Dan to any drummer who wants to start playing jazz or getting better at it. Although music a lot of times depends on your own efforts, a good teacher can make the journey a lot smoother! More...

26 May 2018

Daniel was teaching my son in primary school for few months, I can't recommend him highly enough, absolutely gutted that this lesson has finished.

28 January 2018

Daniel worked out brilliantly. He tailored each lesson to suit my sons needs and to encourage him to express himself. He used a variety of stimuli, including favourite foods and interests, to create rhythms and beats always looking for the best way to engage him. Daniel was patient and fun - a perfect combination. My son couldn't wait for him to come each week, partly because Daniel made the sessions so much fun. I strongly recommend him as someone who's passion for drumming and natural gifts as a teacher combine to excellent effect. More...

27 May 2015

Testimonial: " Daniel gave my son Motty drumming lessons over a period of 18 months during which time my son made excellent progress. I found Daniel to be highly competent and professional with a pleasant and fun teaching style making his lessons both enjoyable and challenging. He was also always punctual and reliable and I would definitely recommend him very highly. “ More...

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Witnessing when an exercise or exam is performed well, as well as sharing knowledge and experience of music.

I have a unique ability to spot details and won awards for my personal sound on the drums. I have recently published my own drum book for intermediate and advanced players


Writing down, note for note, a solo or section that a famous drummer played.

Technique / Classical snare Jazz Dixieland New Orleans Rock/Pop grooves Linear drumming Funk Latin R&B

We will first learn the Circle of Fifths/Fourths. The scales / mode and their corresponding chord symbol: Major Modes, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, Harmonic Major modes.

For beginners