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Entertainer/Solo Artist/One Man Band available for corporate events and private functions.

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Tony Bryant

6 September 2019

Shirley and I enjoyed Danny at Stream Cliff last Sunday. Very talented ...


Sarah Weber

3 August 2019

Cus he is cool like that!


Brenda Douglas O'Brien

13 July 2019

awesome songwriter and singer!


Robin Loveless

28 June 2019

Danny has an amazing voice.


Greg Thayer

9 March 2019

Great music and a great performer!


Regina Palmer

3 March 2019

Amazing musician. Strong sexy, raspy, gritty vocals, yet a soft beautiful overall tone. . Very nice artistry.


Kayla Jones

18 February 2019

sounds awsome cover songs and his own music is very good


Jawknee Rustle

9 February 2019

Awesome possum baby! When this Gentleman of a performer takes the stage, bar stool or kitchen chair, he captivates all listeners. I'm guessing his set list could span from ABBA to ZZ Top, that's how diverse of a set list Danny has created. Not to mention, Danny always has a new tune ready for his audience and he's always willing to take requests. Don't forget to throw him a couple bucks, most musicians accept tips, it's tough being a musician, the pay usually ain't that good. I would bet Danny is so dedicated to his music that he has gigged for food! Thanks for reading. J.O.R. More...

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