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Dan Christian Sax Player

Barlborough, Derbyshire

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Dan Christian Sax Player

Barlborough, Derbyshire


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15 September 2019

Amazingly gifted Musician and teacher!! I discovered Daniel a couple of months ago, when looking for saxophone lessons, and wish it had been sooner. I would say his teaching methods are unique, making learning easier and quite addictive. He has lots of patience, is encouraging and enthusiastic, and also great fun. I never thought I could enjoy a Saxophone lesson so much. I feel I have learned so much in a short time and look forward to more. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn an instrument or improve playing an existing one to consider lessons with Daniel. You won't be disappointed. More...


Paul Cole

8 September 2019

A great instructor that makes it fun to learn.


paul timmons

29 August 2019

This sax teacher is phenomenal, from teaching total novices (as I was) to grade 8 and beyond. His knowledge of all things musical, particularly sax, seems to have no bounds an he is always more than willing to share that knowledge. He makes every lesson a fun time and seems to have an endless supply of encouragement, even when things get tricky!Some people play sax, some people teach sax, Dan is an expert at both!!If you are looking for the best sax teacher around Worksop, Chesterfield & Sheffield, I say give him a call More...


James Haslam

29 August 2019

Dan has been teaching our daughter to play the clarinet for several years now and continues to support her through her grade exams. She enjoys attending lessons and responds well to his teaching style and advice. Dan has been able to advise us on instrument care and the purchase of additional marerials to aid her playing, as well as suggesting ways to make practising scales more enjoyable and recommending suitable sheet music and resources that will help her to improve and progress. We are also grateful to Dan for introducing us to the North East Derbyshire Music Centre (NEDMC) which has allowed our daughter to further develop her skills and confidence. More...


Mike Allen

29 August 2019

Excellent saxophonist and teacher. Flexible and innovative- I would certainly recommend him and particularly for those like me who are of mature years!


Stuart Randall

29 August 2019

I have been going to Dan for lessons for 12 years now as a mature student (I was 50 when I got my sax) with no musical knowledge. Dan has been supportive, patient and offers all the encouragement you need. He will work through issues with you, solve any problems and make it a positive experience.Through Dan I have met other sax players and with Dan's support and encouragement we play in ensembles.I would highly recommend Dan for music lessons . More...


Rob Whyard

29 August 2019

Dan is a great teacher, very knowledgable and great fun to work with.


Catherine Armstrong

6 July 2019

Just finished the Rhythm Mastery Live course. I really recommend it. It's well structured with logical progressions. Dan's explanations are very clear. I learnt a lot and feel more confident in working through the trickier parts of a piece. Because it's recorded you can revisit the whole class ( especially the more complicated parts!) and the assignments help to put the theory into practice. Well worth it. Thanks Dan More...


العقاب الجارح

19 December 2018

اريد التعلم بواسطه العلامات الموسيقيه


Danielle Swain

28 May 2018

Daniel is a patient, friendly and knowledgeable teacher. Highly recommended!


Nicholaj Nielsen

6 January 2018

Fantastic :D Easy to understand.


Paul Timmons

5 September 2017

Dan's teaching methods are second to none! His patience knows no bounds! He has to be for me! Each lesson is inspirational and his enthusiasm for the sax shines through every tutorial session. If you are a beginner or experienced player, saxcasts always has something to offer. More...

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