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I help individuals, teams or businesses drive performance.

Whether you're a business owner who is struggling to take your business to the next level or your tired of feeling like the wheels have come off most days or a healthy work life balance feels like a distant dream.


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4 July 2019

Craig was an excellent coach and mentor to me. He added value through consistent and honest feedback. He identified learning opportunities that have helped me grow throughout my career.

2 July 2019

I worked with Craig for a number of years. He always showed great enthusiasm and passion towards the people he worked with and showed particular interest in their personal development. He was a great mentor to me personally and helped me reach my goals. More...

16 June 2019

Craig is a great leader who had an amazing skill set of creating s great culture within the teams he led and managed while always delivering on the key KPI’s.

His legacy has lived on within our business long after the time he served with us.

A great leader and manager.

15 June 2019

Craig was an inspirational leader who understood the business and and allowed Managers to make a decision while transferring his exceptional operational knowledge and developing business metrics.

14 June 2019

Craig was great to work for and with - knowledgeable, honest and fair. Gets things done with pace and right the first time. 👍


Coaching is about helping an individual or team get out of their own way, and reach their full potential by unlocking the talent within. The most amazing thing about my job is I help people transform their lives, their business or the teams they lead. I see people struggling with all of the normal challenges facing everyone of us either in life or business and enable them to flourish. Seeing the individuals I work with grow, take flight and achieve their full potential is incredibly rewarding.

I started my career 20 years ago working for businesses as large in scale as Whitbread, Virgin Active and David Lloyd to small start ups, growing fast and set to disrupt the market. Diverse in range from the leisure, hospitality, adventure tourism and construction industries. Despite the range of industries and scale the key ingredients for success remained consistent and after helping many varied businesses grow and flourish over this time I reached a point were I had the confidence, and opportunity to realise a long held ambition.

I operate on a self employed basis with a network of extremely capable and talented people which means I have very little overheads and can offer a world class solution and exceptional value. I offer a tailored solution for every client and work with every client personally and as such I'm close enough to ensure we have the insight, challenge and support required to realise my clients ambitions.