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Coventry City Cleaning Solutions Ltd., we believe that a clean home and office has a positive impact on wellbeing as well as productivity. If you need a diligent and dedicated team that will leave no stone unturned and ensure a pristine space, you can count on us.



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We have been In business for 6 months but have more than 10 years of experience all our staff are qualified and trained.

Yes although if customer requires us to use their own products then we do that to meet their needs

Love the challenges that comes with the job and feel rewarded by my work after turning the place from ok state to prestigious state

Cleaning as always been my passion from childhood. I belive cleaning is a therapy on its own that's why l love cleaning and l decided to turn my passion into business to be doing something l love.

Clients should choose me as l am always reliable ,hardworking,loyal ,respectful,honest and enthusiastic about my work. Will always work inline with the customers requirements and needs .Aims to cultivate long-term relationships between the customer and us . I believe it is beneficial for both business as we will provide best service and the clients help in growing my business.