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The “WHY”behind the integrative wellness strategies of Coreview Coach is to lessen the sadness too many of us live in and accept. By working to achieve new levels of personal and professional discovery, our unique capabilities are leveraged for building a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.


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16 March 2019

Great yoga teacher! The best!

16 July 2018

Mary is patient and kind and very intuitive. She truly knows us. Her instruction has helped me so much! Posture, carriage, confidence, and no more lower back ache! Her guidance through out this journey has been inspiring and joyful. I would urge anyone to take a class from Mary, learn the comfort and trust of breath and learn to trust your body! Just a couple of hours a week have changed my life. Come join us at Curves on Sterling Monday’s and Thursday’s at 10:30am. See you there! More...

1 March 2018

This site is awesome! Thanks for the health awareness you are providing to the community.

3 February 2018

Thank for all you do. The support and help you give has trickled down within all our family for the better. We all have benefited from your advices.

10 August 2016

In late 2015, I had a revelation and became inspired to think differently about how I approached my health and body. In January of 2016, I became aware that Mary Ardapple was revisioning her path into health coaching and had launched CoreView Coach. I decided to hire her and see how her thinking could help me in my journey. I am so incredibly glad that I did. Mary helped me to identify my underlying desires toward better health. She helped me to realize how “heritage eating” has played a part in my food choices and how I can build more enjoyment into my food through cognizant, educated, healthful choice, playful experimentation, and through the physical effect and emotional affect of better diet and nutrition. Her insight was not just limited to food. My health was improved by her support of new ideas in physical movement, her guidance into understanding how my breathing impacts my metabolism, considerations around career decisions and their impact on my health, and the introduction of new ideas in self-care, grief management. There was even some motivational herb gardening! Each of these growth moments were highly attuned to my resources, needs, goals, and personal health condition. One of the most profound shifts came early in our sessions, as she helped me to not only accept and address a long-term heath diagnosis, but to open myself up to embracing and caring for it. In 2015, I learned that I loved my body. This year, through Mary’s focused insight, tools, and support, I have been able to reshape my lifestyle so I can better care for myself holistically and have a more healthful, enjoyable life. My health has improved on so many levels, weight loss included. I am thankful for Mary’s perspective and help. If you are considering becoming a CoreView client, your decision to hire Mary Ardapple will have lasting impact. Be ready for cooking lessons, new super-enjoyable flavors, helpful and timely recipe responses, market and grocery learning excursions, and a new outlook on living well; establishing a brand new heritage in your health. - Amy Lambert More...

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