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Hi, I am Malcolm, and through Cool Gool Music I communicate love via music! My love to see you my student continually improve in how to communicate your inner feelings on your instrument, regardless of your preferred style.

I teach guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, and music harmony & theory for any instrument (not only guitar/bass/uke).


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Hidayat Al Rahman

25 February 2019

If you're aiming to be a great guitarist with extensive knowledge of your instrument, Malcolm's the guy you want teaching you. He's a great teacher who knows what it takes to improve your skills and is very flexible as well. Prices are very reasonable too! More...


Katy S

26 May 2017

Malcolm is a very energetic teacher. He makes each lesson interesting and challenging, with progression from week to week. He makes sure I'm challenged so my skills develop. More...


Jip Taylor

31 January 2017

Wicked guitar tutor, I learned loads in a very short time!


Graham Seabrook

28 September 2016

I've been learning with Malcolm for a while now and enjoy it immensely. I really feel like I'm learning the techniques to play the style of music that I want to play and I can feel myself progressing in my preferred genres which is immensely satisfying.


William A.

12 September 2016

Malcolm is an attentive and knowledgable teacher who has been able to tailor a course specifically for my needs, always challenging but never overwhelming. My guitar playing has improed alot since I've taken lessons with him. More...


William Ayerst

12 September 2016

Malcom is a perceptive, engaging teacher, who I have found provides me with just the right level of challenge to continually improve without feeling totally out of my depth.


ashley aarons

26 May 2016

Malcolm is a great teacher. I have tried learning for a while, but Malcolm was able to make it possible through providing a clear path of progression for me and loads of experience about what works in teaching. He gave me classes a couple years ago, then I went abroad for a while, returned and he gave me classes. I would recommend him strongly. More...


Daphne Kamara

27 May 2015

Malcolm Callus is very passionate about music and the progress of his students and always goes to great lengths to ensure I understand and enjoy playing guitar. Always very friendly and patient with me in the lessons all in all he is a great teacher and guitar player all round. I can’t ask for a better teacher. More...


George Stein

27 May 2015

I started with 'Cool Gool' to finally learn guitar. I'm a trained musician (piano, brass), and I can play by ear. I messed around with guitar but wanted to finally play properly.Malcolm's approach is strong on technique, but you soon see the purpose - follow his method and put in some effort, and you'll be equipped with the skills to make your own music! It works.I know music, and I'm very demanding of myself. But I recently recorded myself, and I was surprised. That's me? I now honestly feel like I can actually play! I'm having more fun than ever and I continue to improve.In short, if you want to learn to play, call Malcolm! More...


Dan Warren

27 May 2015

GREAT TEACHER!If your'e looking for a guitar teacher then this is the guy! he's a great teacher, with lots of method and teaches at a pace that suits you. Very reasonably priced, very calm with no pressure environment. He can also tailor your learning around the genre and style of music that you want to play!! More...


Henry Brewer

27 May 2015

Really great teacher. I've been learning guitar with him for about 1 and a half years and he has been so much better than my first two teachers who only taught me songs whereas Malcolm has taught me techniques enabling me to write my own songs and improvise more. I would definitely recommend him


Chris Roos

27 May 2015

I've been studying with Malcolm for over two years now and can highly recommend his lessons. I had a very, very basic understanding of the guitar when I started and Malcolm helped me use that to get up to grade 5 fairly quickly. Although I've slowed down a little recently due to other commitments, I plan to continue studying and hope to move up to grade 6 and beyond in 2015. If you're looking to get started, or to improve your technique, then I'd certainly recommend lessons with Cool Gool. More...


Sam Taffs

27 May 2015

I've been learning with Malcolm for many years now and I am very pleased with how I've progressed. The lessons are very flexible and you get out as much as you want to put in. You may want to just do group classes once every few weeks, or intensive studies several times a week. There is something for everyone at every level. Definitely recommend, 5 stars! More...


Evan Williams

27 May 2015

I started with Malcolm about 6 months ago through a friend. I had wanted a guitar teacher for a while but I wanted a teacher with the right skill set that could teach the specifics I wanted for my career. He has been a very supportive tutor and I find things clicking better with each session. I have stopped briefly because of work load but will be attending again in due course I highly recommend Malcolm to anybody who is deeply serious about their craft in guitar and he can take you to the next level. Happy hunting Kids ! More...


Graham S

16 March 2015

Not only is Malcolm a fantastic guitar player, he is able to tailor the lessons to the exact style of music you wish to play. This makes learning a blast because you're progressing the exact techniques you need to play the music you love, the exact opposite of a '1 size fits all' method. More...


Andre' Spiteri

11 August 2014

If you are ready to put in the work, Malcolm will help you get to where you want to be in no time. In less than a year I have made astonishing progress and keep getting better. Definitely the guy to see if you're serious about learning the guitar properly. More...



14 July 2012

Malcolm is a dedicated Guitar tutor. I spent only 2 months with him - his dedication and focus helped with my Grade 6 guitar exam.

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To be able to share my first love, that is music, with others.

My love for music. I love music so what better way to enjoy it more than to earn a living out of sharing my love!?

Do not take my word, but see what others feel about learning at http://www.malcolmcallus.com/testimonials