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Private guitar, ukulele and music theory lessons from my studio in Kennington, London, or online via Skype or Google Video Chat.

I teach most styles of music, from beginner to advanced level.

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24 May 2019

Cliff has been an AMAZING teacher, as a complete beginner with no experience in playing guitar, I felt a lot of progress in just a couple of months, his teaching style makes playing guitar easy and fun - believe he sets the right way on the base knowledge keeping it simple yet concrete that can be held on for more advanced plays. Will highly recommend his classes!! More...


Gabriele Santoro

26 April 2019

I used Cliff for guitar lessons probably over about a year a few years back and followed his newsletter diligently when I moved away and therefore could no longer see him for lessons. Having worked on my guitar skills with numerous people during the years, I always think back to the way that Cliff did it. His patience, good humour and overall ability at translating sometime complex and scary concepts to a newcomer into the instrument has always reminded me of the way that teaching an instrument should look like! If you are thinking of starting off, or dusting off your guitar and grabbing a few lessons, don't hesitate. I highly recommend! More...


Freddie Fryer

27 December 2018

Highly recommend Cliff as a teacher. The lessons are very focussed so that in the hour you get a full hour of tutoring without getting distracted.He really knows his way around the guitar and the lessons are tailored to you so that you really make tangable progress to your goals. Would recommend to anyone and everyone. More...


Kaveh Dianati

27 November 2018

I have been practicing the electric guitar with Cliff for about three months now. I started as a beginner and I’m really feeling my progress. Cliff is a wonderful teacher who cares about your specific learning goals and personalizes his teaching for you. Highly recommended! More...


Provessor Kayoss

29 August 2018

Pardon the long review but I feel it’s important to be detailed as possible for those out there who were once like me, and hesitant to give Cliff a try. I decided to pick up the guitar as an adult. I knew that I had 30+ lost years to catch up on, and I wasn’t sure if I could play. It was important for me to find a teacher that would show a personal interest in my growth. I wanted someone that wouldn’t just teach me how to strum and play chords, but to take the time to teach me the precise elements that will guide me towards my goal of being a respectable guitarist. In my first year I went through three guitar teachers. What I experienced with all three teachers was a disinterested and unorganized approach. Each lesson with these three was nearly identical. They never had any sort of lesson plan, they never recalled the previous lesson and they spent a good amount of each hour wasting my time by talking about unrelated subjects or showing off their soloing. I often left lessons empty handed and confused about what I should practice. After a year of this I felt very frustrated as I didn’t feel like I was progressing. I decided to look for a Skype teacher. I knew after my first lesson with Cliff that I had found the right teacher. Prior to my lesson he sent me a worksheet to fill out, asking me who my favorite bands were, what would I like to play, and what my goals were. Already he was showing more interest than any of the others. I was amazed at my first lesson. He actually taught for the entire hour, no showing off his abilities or wasting time chatting. I initially felt overwhelmed because I wasn’t used to such a precise, detailed and educational lesson. He hits every small detail and works through everything you do methodically. He’s always correcting and won’t let you play through a mistake without working on correcting it. Every lesson is precluded by worksheets emailed to me the night before. These are for rhythm, theory and tabs. Every lesson is ended with new worksheets for the weekly homework. After 7 months I have already learned multiple songs with Cliff and a few solos. I’ve gotten stuck on parts of a song, emailed Cliff my problem and he’s taken the time to record a file of him playing that section slowed down so I can sort it out. I’ve asked him to teach me a song that he didn’t know, and couldn’t find much info on, I’ve asked him to sort out bits of live performances that no tabs exist of. All of this he has done for me enthusiastically. Cliff makes me feel that I have my own personal guitar teacher that truly cares about the my development. I could not give a higher recommendation, as I feel that Cliff is the best teacher out there More...


Patric OC

23 July 2018

Cliff is an excellent and patient tutor with many years of experience in teaching guitar. His knowledge of scales and music theory greatly improved my playing skills and understanding of the instrument.


Odysseus Georgoudis

26 May 2018

I've been having lessons with Cliff over the last year or so. He is a great teacher and the lessons are thoroughly enjoyable.


Steve Hughes

26 May 2018

Cliff is passionate about his teaching, and his lessons provide a lot to think about and will undoubtedly improve your playing!


Paul Harvey

26 May 2018

Cliff's been teaching my daughter for over a year now - first in person adn then via skype when we moved. He's been great - she's just done her grade 2 and is really enjoying it. Cliff's really good with kids - just the right balance of encouragement and motivation. More...


Rachel Essex

26 May 2018

Cliff has been teaching my son Bert for just over a year and every lesson is nothing less than inspirational. He tailors his teaching to whatever Bert has been listening to, being careful to get the measure of what music he enjoys and would like to play as well as introducing him to new things. He has encouraged him to start writing his own music and given him the tools and theory to understand how to simplify his compositions which has allowed him to play simple things but feel very pleased with himself that he has written ‘a song’. When he plays and Cliff joins in, introducing him to the joy of playing with someone else , he gets so excited . It blows his mind that whatever song he mentions, Cliff can play it but Cliff is also very patient and will let the lesson go in a different direction if Bert has completed a different task to the one he has been set, whilst also managing to focus on technique. I feel really lucky that Cliff was recommended to us . It seems to me that he really responds to the individual student. Bert is so motivated as a result. More...


Chris Eves

26 May 2018

I've been learning guitar with the help of Cliff for a year now and have found him to be a patient, friendly, inspiring teacher. I've found my guitar playing has greatly improved through his tuition - Cliff is always quick to help correct a bad habit or otherwise improve your playing. More...



26 May 2018

Cliff is an excellent teacher. He's extremely knowledgeable and always tailors his lessons around what we (as a group) would like to achieve. He teaches in a structured but light hearted way and his lessons are a lot of fun. I couldn't recommend him more highly. More...


Louis Vbw

2 January 2018

A very patient and fun teacher well worth the money



16 April 2013

Tried to teach myself to play the guitar, but it was a rather clumsy process and I was unable to grasp basic techniques, like how to hold a pick properly!

Unlike other guitar teachers, Cliff tailors each lesson according to what one wants to achieve. He quickly and patiently corrected mistakes in my technique, provided me with useful tips and chords to play songs I love. He is responsive to questions between lessons and is great at transcribing songs in advance of a lesson. Cliff is a great musician and because he loves what he does, he inspires you to learn.

I highly recommend Cliff as a teacher for adults at all stages of learning the guitar.

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