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Ryde, Isle of Wight



At Claytabase we care about our clients businesses, and know that a good web site is not only the front door to your business, it should also add values in other ways, whether it is taking payments online for an e-commerce store or for invoicing, capturing marketing data, or an intranet based site to manage your data.


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10 July 2018

Claytabase have been great for me.
They helped with everything from setting up my website and email, to creating content and gettting me online.
Even as a web novice it is quite easy to update my site

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We have always made speed the number one factor in all of our sites. A client who switched to us from a free website builder moved up the Google rankings from page 4 to 1 on their most relevant search terms, thus got a significant boost to income.

We have a questionnaire that we send out, but these are the most important;
Provide a list of 3 sites you like, and 3 that you don't with a brief reason why
Who are your competitors
What makes your company stand out.

Collaborative, we mock up the site as we go due to bespoke in-house software allowing us to do so

Any images. logos, existing content we can work with
A commitment to respond to any questions reasonably quickly!

Working as a business orientated developer who can span multiple fields who can actually help a business grow as opposed to just doing tasks

The CMS I built needed to be shared with the world! The optimisation features built-in are not available elsewhere.

If you want a site that can load in under 3 seconds anywhere in the world (according to our published tests), looks good and provides full update functionality out of the box.
If you want a slow, bloated site then there are plenty of developers out there.



Years of experience in planning, installing, maintaining and optimising databases used in applications and data warehouses, on premise and in the cloud, using SQL Server, Oracle, Progress and Microsoft Access. We have worked with companies of various size including the NHS, International Labour Organisation, Arvato Financial Services, Blake Morgan LLP and Institutional Protection Services.

Claytabase provide a full website design and development service (design, build and hosting), focused on speed, usability and content, which should lead to higher conversion rates and more engagement. Clients who have switched to us have seen rapid promotion through Search Engine Results Pages based on these principles.

As well as being a Microsoft Partner with the ability to offer Office 365 and Microsoft Azure, we can offer a range of services from Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud including setting up and maintaining Virtual Machines, Database, DNS, Networking, Content Delivery Network and Active Directory integration. All of these services can be offered with remote management, allowing us to keep your services properly maintained.