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Clarke-Hills Accountancy caters for both personal and small business accounts. We provide a professional service at affordable costs.

Clarke-Hills Accountancy also provides Business Support to new and expanding businesses.

We can provide the following services at competitive rates


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Cougar Samurai

26 May 2018

Good, honest, independent accountant. Reasonably priced.

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At Clarke-Hills Accountancy we believe in Accounting Made Simple for all our clients. Why should our clients spend time using bookkeeping or accounting software? When we can do the whole thing for you in a far more reasonable and cost efficient way. We understand that as business owners you need to concentrate on running your own businesses and looking after your families, this is why we offer a hassle free system. Simply contact us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the services you may require. The first meeting is free of charge, which will give us time to get know your individual needs and requirements.

A great accountant will keep the lines of communication flowing throughout the whole process and have the works completed well within deadlines of HMRC. Our objectives are to get your work done at the earliest opportunity to avoid the stress that target dates can bring.

What make us happy is seeing satisfied and relieved clients, when all the stress and worry has been taken care of.

We started Clarke-Hills Accountancy as we noticed that businesses were often faced with large monthly or annual bills but were usually unsure what service they were receiving. If you are not used to running accounts packages thats why we are here, to make life a bit simpler (without the big bill at the end). Everyone can expect and will receive the highest professional level of service. The main reason we are in business is we believe that our clients should receive support. We want to advise you, even if you think your question is silly don't worry just ask. We would rather deal with the issues from the onset. If you are concerned we want you to contact us.

Clarke-Hills has been established for 7 years. Based in Upminster, Essex we are forward thinking and cater for the needs of small businesses and personal accounts. The types of small business owners we look after range from butchers, bakers and candlestick makers, from people who have been in business for many years to those who are just starting out.