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Joseph Thompson

9 July 2019

Great people, had fun even tho Cheslin tried to kill me


Liz McGowan

6 May 2019

Sarah has a heart of GOLD. Friendly staff and amazing community.


Brenda V.

9 March 2019

This is the best Crossfit community that I've ever been associated with in the few years that I've been doing CrossFit. Sarah and Toni are two of the nicest women I've ever met and they truly pour their heart and soul into this gym (or box if you prefer). I truly feel part of the family at SPCF and that motivates me to get to a class almost everyday of the week. They offer something for everyone too: classes for "regular people", fit athletes, expecting mothers, teens and small children...the list goes on! The childcare here is great too! There are never any kids running around unsupervised. I've been to gyms in the past where folks would just let their kids (or brats if you prefer) run around and do whatever they please. That makes it hard to get a good workout in because you're afraid you're going to hurt some thoughtless person's kid. Not at this gym! There's a space for everyone here at SPCF! If they sold lifetime memberships I'd buy one tomorrow! Check them out...you'll love it the minute you walk in the door! More...


Brenda Vianna

5 November 2018

Best crossfit gym EVER! Love everything about SPFC. I feel like I belong to this very special community/family.


Ralph Daniels

5 November 2018

Great coaching lots of great instruction. Awesome programming.


Joann L

3 June 2018



Christopher Tile

3 June 2018

Best Box in the Sandhills area! Wonderful owners and coaches. I couldn't be happier as a member here.


Kuzzer 15

3 June 2018

Amazing place. SUPER friendly environment, felt right at home while visiting from Canada. Great coaches- thanks Sarah, Julie, Jordi and Brandon for the awesome experience during my 2 day visit!


Jeremy Lakusiak

8 March 2018

Amazing place. SUPER friendly environment, felt right at home while visiting from Canada. Great coaches- thanks Sarah, Julie, Jordi and Brandon for the awesome experience during my 2 day visit!


Heidi E.

14 January 2018

Best in the area! Great coaching, homie vibe, CrossFit Kids is great for those kids to get off their iPads and into exercise with new friends. This is a place to make friends and partners to help keep you accountable. It's clear this gym is a family no matter which class you drop into or if you just want to lift during open gym. Yoga on Sunday's included in membership help keeps those muscles limber. More...


Christopher Tile

5 October 2017

Great gym!


Sarah Mulhaul

3 June 2017

Love this place! It's a second home for my family and me.


Nicole Falsone

3 June 2017

Great environment! Family friendly! They will cater to any level of fitness.


Eszti H.

24 October 2016

I was visiting Southern Pines for a week and really did not want to break up my Crossfit routine. I discovered SPCF through family members who go to the box regularly and I absolutely fell in love! The members and staff were all so friendly, accommodating, and generous. Everyone at SPCF made sure I had a great time in AND out of the gym by going above and beyond and even offering restaurant recommendations. I would recommend this place to anyone at any level! More...


Sarah S.

17 February 2016

The best gym in the world!! My happy place. I love it here-- amazing coaches, amazing community.


Dan Kennedy

26 September 2015

Of course I love this gym! The members are the absolute best!


Robert B.

19 September 2015

There are a few times in your life where a workout means more than lifting heavy weights.  This is one of those times and one of those places.


Ever G.

2 August 2015

Great gym & great people.  I'd slack off if it wasn't for the trainers and members.  I simply get better results here than by working out on my own.  I smashed all my PRs (personal records) here with encouragement from trainers and members.  You won't get that on your own.  It's a great investment for your overall health.  Oh and it's not a hardcore Crossfit "box" with the lingo and gear.  It's a "box" made for everyone.  Beginner to competitor. More...


Gabby S.

28 July 2015

The owner and trainer Dan makes this a valuable experience. His workouts challenge you but you're given the motivation and encouragement to keep getting stronger. Dan modified exercises for me so that I could still participate even with my impairments. Your fellow training buddies also help and encourage you. More...


Amey C. Parkins

4 June 2015

Dan is awesome!


Christy L.

2 December 2012

I have been a member for only a little while now, however, I have never been so impressed with any gym before. The women there are all amazing, encouraging and supportive. Everyone wants each other to succeed. I am not able to do a female pushup but the trainers modify the work outs so that I am able to perform with everyone else at my own pace. I even have a membership to firsthealth, but am letting it expire because Ive seen more results in two weeks at S.P.C. than I have in months of working out at firsthealth.  Also, I did try the crossfit at firsthealth...........but it is not the same and you do not feel the same sense of support or motivation:) hope this helps. More...

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