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Welcome to Caris Brook, qualified accountants, based in Halstead. We provide an individual and friendly service to local business owners, individuals and charities across the Halstead and north Essex area.

An initial consultation of up to one hour is free.


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Steven Morton

29 June 2018

First time starting a business Chris really helped me, looking into everything to save money and putting me in the right direction. Also with his support and advice he has helped my new business succeed and flourish. So thank you Chris More...


Kevin McDonnell

29 June 2018

Chris has given me peace of mind knowing that the company's accounts are being looked after by a true professional. Not only that, he does all this in a way that puts you at ease from the first moment. Would recommend Chris to any Company whatever their size. More...


David Pickles

25 May 2018

Caris Brook have been my accountants since 2002, both for the company I owned and my personal tax affairs. I have always found Chris the owner both helpful and accommodating in dealing with all my inadequacies. I would certainly recommend his practise to others which I have. More...


Martin Janes

25 May 2018

We've used Caris Brook Ltd for accountancy services for our business for the last 5 years, and I have no hesitation in recommending them.Chris has always been quick to respond to calls and emails and his willingness to provide prompt, accurate and helpful answers has really helped our company to push on and grow, particularly in the last two years. We use Caris Brook for our VAT, Payroll, compliance and book keeping - which leaves us free to concentrate on the core of our business. It's very much the case that when you find a good accountant you stick with them, and this is true for us and Caris Brook Ltd. More...


Richard Huckett

25 May 2018

I've been using Chris for about a year now. He has been really helpful and patient with our growing business. Helping to set up quickbooks and VAT registration has only be possible with his support and advice.


Linda Bailey

21 December 2017

Chris has been our accountant since 1996 and has always given the highest level of service and advice. We would be lost without him.


Wolant 3D

25 May 2016

Caris Brook owner Chris made us very welcome whilst photographing his virtual tour. He made every effort to be accomodating and friendly. Would reccomend him as a very nice guy running a great accounting company. More...


Webworx Limited

26 May 2015

Caris Brook have handled our tax affairs for several years. Chris conducts business in an efficient, trustful, and friendly manner. I approached him after getting into a mess with my tax affairs and he managed to sort them out quickly, removing a great amount of stress from me. Since that initial meeting I do not even think about tax as he deals with everything and only contacts me when needed. I would highly reccomend his services to anyone. More...

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We specialise in small businesses, both self employed and limited companies. We believe it is really important that we get to know you and your business, because it is only in this way that we can offer tailored advice, rather than general platitudes.

If your image of an accountant is someone who does little but shake their head over a teetering pile of receipts and then scribble incomprehensible figures in columns that seem to march on forever in a giant notebook, then sorry, but you’re behind the times. Even worse, you could be ignoring professionals who could turn your financial health around, given the chance. A good accountant will go well beyond bookkeeping.

They can:
Deal With the Scary HMRC, both by phone, letter, email and web submission, your accountant can be the person who explains, replies, makes queries and provides evidence whenever you need to deal with HMRC.

Submit Timely and Faultless Tax Returns
Hopefully, this will mean HMRC won’t need to get in touch in the first place! You will also be spared the stress of worrying about completing your tax returns correctly – and on time! – and understanding the jargon.

Advise You on Tax Liability and Expenses
Many people are unaware of some of the items for which they can claim back the expense against tax. Car hire, utility bills, broadband, printer paper – you name it, someone somewhere had failed to claim for it (and lost money by doing so). A good accountant will ensure you claim every penny you can, allowing you to keep as much of your hard-earned income as possible.

Advise You on your VAT Status (and Submit your VAT Return)
Although there are rules that govern compulsory registration for VAT – rules which, of course, your accountant can fully explain – you can also register for VAT voluntarily. Depending on the nature of your business, suppliers and clients, sometimes it can be in your best financial interests to voluntarily register for VAT and a good accountant will be able to tell you if this is the case for you.

Help Create a Sound Business Plan

A business plan is nothing without realistic predictions of expenses and income. An accountant can help you collate and present figures, as well as advising you on exactly what you need to include.

Give Financial Advice Based On The Whole Picture
Given the chance to do so, a good accountant will look at your personal and business finances side by side, checking whether there are any ways to save or make extra money for you. This can include advice on which type of company status would be the most beneficial, how to handle partnerships and where to apply for loans and grants.

Advise You on the Legalities
Company status, licences, certificates, registrations, public liability insurance – the legal do’s and don’ts you have to take on board can seem overwhelming when you’re planning or starting a business. A good accountant can help.

Handle Your Employees’ Pensions and Payroll
Even the most dedicated and friendly employee can get a little twitchy if they discover their tax has been calculated wrongly, they haven’t received a benefit or expense payment or their wages haven’t arrived in the bank – particularly if that error causes them financial difficulty or an unauthorised overdraft fee. Accountants can handle your payroll for you, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

They Can Save You Time, Money and Stress
By supplying all the services and advice above (as well as good old-fashioned bookkeeping!), a good accountant can save you immeasurable time and stress and measurable money. They are the experts in financial matters, meaning they can handle them more completely, quickly and efficiently than you can. Hiring a good accountant really does mean a weight off your shoulders – and more money in the bank!

The people we meet and the businesses they work in.

To help other small businesses navigate the world of finance and tax, at a reasonable price.

We will show real interest in their business, we do what we say we will do, at a price that remains reasonable and fixed for a year.