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You're looking to find a solution to a particular problem, that is why you're here and maybe I can help.
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Cesca Traore

19 June 2019

Having two kids I found it difficult to find the time to train and find energy Mike provided brilliant support and I’m feeling so much more confident


Simon Boddie

1 March 2017

I did some core strength training with Mike from 2015/16 to help with a troublesome abdomen. Mike's knowledge in pilates is top draw which was my main reason for training with Mike. The training was excellent and very challenging and Mike's professional and flexible time slots came in handy. His diet, nutrition and motivation advice was impressive, he even throws in the odd joke aswell. All in<span id="moreReview691490" class="hide"> all Mike is just a friendly professional guy who wants to do the best for his clients.</span> More...


Victoria Hillas

24 February 2017

Mike really is a pleasure to work with he knows how to keep you motivated and really achieve your goals. Mikes Knowledge of nutrition and fitness and ability to make you see things differently is really second to none its a 5 star service.


Catherine Page

24 February 2017

I have been a customer of Mike's for over 5 years. He has been very good at giving me sessions that fit in with my busy lifestyle. I have a one to one session once a month and get a programme to follow. He carefully explains the exercises and ensures that I am doing them properly, which is obviously very important. He often reviews my goals and will make changes to the programme accordingly. I<span id="moreReview690752" class="hide"> feel that my overall fitness has improved considerably under Mike's guidance. I am hoping to see more improvements in my times for events this year. Very pleased with the work I have done with Mike's guidance.</span> More...


Rob McGourlay

25 May 2016

From the initial thorough assessment and consultation to the well considered bespoke exercise programmes Mike's approach is like no other I've experienced. Combining progressively challenging workouts with Pilates is spot on. You know you've done the work but your flexibility, core strength and posture is improving so after the session you're stretched and recovered and ready to face the day. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to get the best out of the time they spend in the gym. More...


Mike Hendricks - Think To Thrive

25 May 2016

Great service and great facilities.



25 May 2016

Up to meeting Mike, just over two years ago, I was considering giving up martial arts. This was due to repeated injuries to my knees which resulted in a number of ops. However, Mike has taught me that I could use the personally tailored programme to strengthen the muscle groups that had wasted following repeated operations and also how to slow down the progression of the osteoarthritis. In doing so he has made it possible for me to, not only continue teaching and practicing Muay Thai but I've been able to take up Brazilian JiuJitsu and achieve my Blue Belt too!!Mike is, genuinely, the best personal trainer I have come across in my 24 years of physical training!!He's helped me achieve my goals and, if you're serious about training, he will help you achieve yours. More...

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Through our detailed questionnaires, we find out the right information from our clients which then allows me to craft a detailed bespoke but easy-to-follow fitness plan for the client to follow. That helps to ensure that the client sees the results they want quickly and effectively.

Focused and consistent application and action is the key to getting a result. I help clients see that consistency and following a proven system is the best way to achieve their goals. Fun and enjoyment also make achieving goals easier.

Seeing people achieve and reach their goals and letting them see a much better way to live and enjoy life.

I love freedom and I also love working with people who are keen to improve and better themselves. My business is all about helping people improve and become better.

Clients who want to drop a dress size, tuck in their shirts again and feel more confident about how they look should want to work with me on my 12-week programme. Helping people both mentally and physically improve is what separates me from other trainers and coaches. The programme comes with a 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk. I love to help people see lasting results attained by my proven method.

Achieving any goals should be fun and not frightening and that is what I aim to do with my clients, make fitness fun.



Learn to tone your body, strengthen your core, improve your posture and reduce any nagging aches and pains with our Pilates training.