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Vlad Varna

30 July 2019

Passed first time, fantastic driving instructor.


Andy Turney

4 May 2019

Manuel has a very calming influence, helping you to feel relaxed and confident as you’re learning to drive. He covers every topic in a lot of detail, thoroughly preparing you for your theory and practical tests. I really enjoyed learning with Manuel and would absolutely recommend him to anyone! More...


Anna Gaspirovica

4 May 2019

I want to thank my instructor Manuel for time and effort that he's put into teaching me how to drive.Today I passed my driving test 1st time. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning on learning how to drive, he's very friendly, patient and understanding, the way he explains things is very easy to understand and follow, he's a peoples person and a brilliant instructor! More...



4 May 2019

Passed first time.perfect instructor, patient and calm in all situations, he's very friendly and easy to chat too.i fully recommend trying at least one lesson with him, he goes at your pace asking what you feel you need to improve and where you feel least confident, all while teaching you every little thing you need to know to drive safely.I was a complete novice to cars, however i passed with 25 hrs worth of lessons with only a couple minors.just in time for summer beach days with my pups :D More...


lucy burgess

4 April 2019

Manuel's calm, patient, friendly and thorough teaching has helped me gain confidence and learn to drive at a good pace. After trying a few different driving instructors and taking lessons on and off for the last 4 years I had little confidence until I finally found the perfect driving instructor, learned quickly and passed first time! Thanks Manuel!


Moshin Dharas

4 March 2019

"Passed first time!Manuel - thank you very much for your highly commendable experience, knowledge, patience and skills.I have had bad experience with previous instructors who just take money and not being attentive in teaching driving skills. Manuel is; very friendly, honest reliable and thorough in his approach. Each lesson I was taught by him was always productive and remained focused during my lessons.With Manuel's inter-personal skills and practical knowledge - I was able to engage in my learning and build-up my confidence.Passing my driving for the first time, gives freedom and independence and more ever, provides a high employability status as many working environments require you to have a full driving licence.Manuel's intensive instructions allowed me to become a confident driver. Every lesson has been positive, which is true to say - I have achieved and reached my goal and potential with his guidance.Keep up the good work Manuel - I am a very proud driver thanks to the professionalism of Bloom Driving School.Prospective learners, if you want to learn and pass - this is the school for you! " More...


Thomas Eaton

4 February 2019

Had great a experience with Manuel best instructor I've had.His ability to transfer his knowledge to you is outstanding.His attitude is brilliant fills you with confidence, gets you to highlight where you need work on. Best part of learning to drive with Manuel every lesson I was able to decide what I would like to improve on spend the lesson driving or just monuvering. Every lesson you come out feelingmuch better than when you went in More...


Cretu Radu

4 January 2019

Manuel is a good instructor, he helped me pass with ease and he is a friendly guy so learning to drive was a good experience.Would recommend taking at least one test lesson with him. More...


Sakib Sheikh

4 October 2018

Had bad experience with my previous instructor.Then I found Manuel, from Bloom Driving School. Absolutely great instructor! He guides you through your basics and brings you up to speed very quickly. He is reliable and very friendly. He will take you to your exam as soon as you are ready, unlike others who will ask you to get more and more lessons. He wants you to pass, not get more money out of you. Rates for lessons are also cheap for the area.I passed first time with him.5 stars definitely deserved. More...