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Kristina B.

22 May 2018

Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.Where do I begin with this trainer? Outstanding master of his craft. He keeps each workout different and challenging, focusing on proper technique, and has unique ways of using gym equipment. The combination of lighting, choice of music, and variety of gym machines make a perfect environment for a fun workout. And wait until you try his group workouts where he takes your fitness to the next level. If weather permits, you get out of the gym to add variation to the workouts. I've been training with Sammy for the last 3 months, and he is someone I look forward to working out with each week. I achieved what I had believed to be impossible. Not only do I see RESULTS, I feel strong, healthy, and fit, and all thanks to Sammy. More...


Sofya K.

27 April 2018

BK fitness club was recommended to me by a friend. I started training with Sammy after months of low back pain which made me unable to wear any heels. Sammy made me feel comfortable from the very beginning, he thoroughly evaluated my needs and my body. His approach is very personable, and he is full of kind words and encouragement. Sammy has a unique ability to find a comfortable pace for you, but at the same time he pushes you above and beyond your own expectations of yourself. Over the past 2 years I watched Sammy work with clients of different age group, he pays a lot of attention to client- trainer relationship, and it seems to be a key to individual success stories and to a long- standing relationship between Sammy and his clients. Due to his great personality and motivational approach, Sammy is great working with adolescents, helping them to be more disciplined and motivated in all aspects of their life. I truly believe that Sammy is one of the best personal trainers who can lead you to achieving your personal goals in no time. More...


Giselle L.

11 October 2017

Sammy is the best trainer anyone could ever work with!! He's worked with me and my fiancé, both of us have different body types and needs, and he has helped us achieve really significant improvements in our fitness and bodies. He is so encouraging and thoughtful about providing you with knowledge on how to make holistic changes to take the best care of yourself. It doesn't mean he doesn't push you and challenge you - working out with him is NOT easy but it is so rewarding. The gym he has built is an example of his mission and high standards to provide only the best for his clients with every element intentionally curated (organic toiletries, food items, super clean space, huge range of machines, customized workouts, etc). No other gym class, trainer or instructor has compared to Sammy since! More...


Michael D.

10 May 2017

I can start by saying that Sammy owner and lead trainer at BK Fitness is really one of kind when it comes to his approach in physical fitness and personal development. Sammy has a unique gift to bring out the best in his clients, stretching us to limits that otherwise we didn't know were even possible. In my experience training with Sammy at BK Fitness not only am I constantly learning how to exercise correctly, but it's the mindset aspect of his approach that creates in me a totally new expanding unlimited outlook of what my capabilities are within my life not just in the physical aspect. Sammy constantly creates exciting and extremely challenging routines that continue our journey in personal development very interesting and fun I might add. I've already went out for a team run during the evening recently that was packed with fun coupled with challenging exercises to push body, mind , and spirit. Since the beginning Sammy has been sharing how to live a healthy holistic lifestyle as well. I am glad to say that I've already experienced my first colonic cleanse due to his serious approach in detoxifying the body creating and maintaining a healthy state of being. I've also been inspired to have all my water at home filtered, I have a shower filtration system and a drinking filtration system to maintain the healthiest lifestyle possible for myself and it's all due to his inspiring passion and consciousness to be the best possible version of myself. I am transforming in many ways because of Sammy and his training. If you truly want a life changing experience, want more out of life then just existing in mediocrity and an environment that is truly holistic and healthy to surround yourself in then come join BK Fitness. I hope to see you there soon and join the family that Sammy is creating. You won't be disappointed. More...


Anelia L.

20 January 2017

Sammy is an amazing personal trainer. The environment is awesome, the music he plays is motivational, the workout will kill you but the results are worth every penny! This place is for people that want to be serious about their fitness life. More...


Maria G.

13 April 2016

Sammy is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with.  I have been traing with him for about one month  three times a week and already see a positive change in my body and increase in energy level. He pushes and motivates  you to reach your fullest potential. Keep up with great job Sammy! More...


Greg I.

9 April 2016

I have been training with Sammy since he opened, about a year now. I'm in the best shape of my life, faster, stronger, more agile than I was 25 years ago and I'm 45.   He has transformed my body and my life. It's not just physical training and nutrition, it's a mind set that he teaches.  He instills in one to always think about making the correct choices whether it's in the gym or at the dinner table.  Oh and the workouts, he comes in at 5am for me and proceeds to torture me without mercy.   I can't wait for the summer to start!!!  I have not felt this way in 25 years. More...


Irina N.

9 April 2016

My life was changed the minute I stepped into this gym. I met the most personable, sympathetic, knowledgable and experienced trainer. Sam changed my life. He genuinely cares for me and my progress. I feel like a part of his family. I am not only more attractive and secure, but I am also a happier person all around. I have trained with personal trainers in the past and never achieved such results.  I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a professional trainer. More...


Albert S.

17 February 2016

Great place to workout. Great trainer with lots of knowledge and very willing to work alongside with his clients to help them reach their goals. If you are really it making a life change, come to BK FITNESS. More...


Hus A.

17 February 2016

I love working out at BK Fitness club Sammy and Albert are great personal trainers. The atmosphere is always perfect. It is spacious and I feel like a celebrity with the attention to detail and the cleanliness of the equipment and space. You have to book a session and see for yourself. You can see some videos of the space and the training on my IG account @2_comma_kid More...


Mila L.

11 February 2016

Only place I'd ever work out. Great classes, amazing training and you actually see results (unlike many other places I've been to).


Jacqueline T.

28 December 2015

Most motivational trainer around - place is clean, modern and extremely inviting. I lost a ton of weight with Sammy! THis is a must -go - to fitness club


Liz F.

26 July 2015

Motivational and Inspirational! Great club.


Vanessa S.

21 July 2015

I've been to the group boot camp classes at BK Fitness Club and it was unlike any class I have taken. In my experience, many classes are geared towards the complete beginner, but Sammy pushes everyone to workout to their individual greatest potential. No matter what your fitness level is, you will get a challenging workout.I really enjoy the ambiance at BK Fitness Club. It is clean with spa-like bathrooms. Natural, eco-friendly soaps, shampoos, and beauty products are available for customer use. This place is different from any gym that I've been to. They aren't about pushing a whole bunch of energy supplements and drinks that are horrible for you, which I hate. Instead, they have a full organic juice and smoothie bar, perfect for your post workout drink fix. If you're interested in fluoride-free, mineralized water, you will find it here.I look forward to starting personal training sessions with Sammy! More...