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Dean M Steward

25 July 2018

Would highly recommend one of the best chiropractors I've seen.


Debbie Hunt

25 July 2018

I can highly recommend this practice. I felt better after the first treatment. Professional and friendly service with flexible hours to match. Thank you


Chris Bull

25 July 2018

Austin is terrific, the carr and advice I received has really helped my back and reduced my hip pain. The service from the team is great, easy to make appointments and always very accommodating with times . Highly recommended


Sophia Khan

25 July 2018

I've been seeing Austin for quite some time now and I can highly recommend him. This particular time I saw him, I had been in agony for days and tried many other treatments first. It only took one treatment for me to start feeling myself again. Highly, highly recommend! More...


Ceinwen Solihullmindfulness

25 July 2018

I met Austin last year at a training weekend in Kings Heath. I could barely walk for 5 minutes without crying in pain. He offered to look at my foot........ I was doubtful that anyone could help as had seen two osteopaths previously who did not really suggest a way forward.
I had around 7 sessions with Austin and he offered advice on exercise. I ran 10km last weekend........ I see him every 8/9 weeks for a top up and I have been pain free for over a year :)


Melanie Jones

25 July 2018

I write my review on behalf of my partner and I. My partner has been going to Austin now for some time, with the strenuous job he does he has put he's back out on more than one occasion. His sessions with Austin have helped him immensely to recover.

With that I started booking my own appointments. With my second pregnancy I suffered with SPD throughout. However, my sessions at the clinic made it a lot easier.

Would recommend Austin and his team to all.


Graham Hawkins

15 February 2018

I went to see Austin with dizziness and balance problems that had not improved using medication from my GP. With a regime of hands-on treatment and advice on stretches and leg strengthening exercises, my condition has improved markedly, I am much more stable on my feet and feeling better all the time thanks to Austin's friendly but professional sessions. Highly recommended!


sharmina akhtar

8 November 2017

Initially I went in unable to walk with severe back pain but with in couple of sessions i was more mobile and really please with the fast and effective recovery. I would definitely recommend this chiropractor. Austin is very professional and good with his job, I personally found it beneficial for my back pain. More...


Sue Price

25 October 2017

I want to begin by saying that unlike some organisations, I was not asked to leave a review but wanted to share my positive experience because of the relief I have experienced. I went to see Austin in September 2017 as I was experiencing frequent, long lasting headaches linked to neck strain after driving or using my sewing machine. Over several sessions, Austin manipulated my back and neck and gave me some simple exercises which have really made a difference. Over straining of my neck still produces some discomfort but this is less and the headaches have completely disappeared. I hope that using the exercises will continue to improve my neck ache too. More...


Ceinwen Piano & mindfulness teacher in Solihull

16 September 2017

I met Austin in 2015 after struggling to walk with foot and back pain. Within 6 sessions I felt normal again!
I see him every 8 weeks to keep my pelvis aligned. I can run with ease and rarely have any aches and pains.
Austin is lovely, friendly and professional. I feel 100% comfortable with him and always feel better!
Thanks Austin


Eve Jones

1 September 2017

I am so grateful to Austin for the swift and effective service which gave me immediate and lasting relief from pain and stiffness in my back and shoulder. He is a lovely, warm and friendly person who genuinely cares and is extremely knowledgeable. He has always explained everything clearly and been very reassuring. Highly recommend. More...


Lorna Horrocks

21 July 2017

After years of painful sciatica, I limped into Austin's practice last year. Now I feel years younger and I am actually walking upright and without any pain. A very professional individual who knows and cares about what he is doing. Thanks More...


Lara Bonnell

5 July 2017

Austin is brilliant! He listens to your problems and then sorts them out I've been going for a few months now and I've never felt better


Kitty Kat

11 April 2017

In the past I had been to see a doctor who advised to take paracetamol, ibuprofen and muscle relaxer which doesn't deal with the problem. After some time struggling with neck, shoulder and hips, I decided to try a visit with a Chiropractor. Such a friendly place to come to, feel so at ease. The Dr is very professional, friendly, listens carefully and explains each step. I had no idea about Scoliosis, since starting my treatments I now stand straight for possibly the first time. Have been advised with insoles so I walk straight instead of my foot being at an angle. Highly recommend. More...



16 March 2017

I had never been to a chiropractor before and for years and years relied on massage to alleviate stiffness and tight shoulders.Well when after my first visit I was hooked! The treatment leaves you feeling light, uplifted and stress free but you need to try it our for yourself to believe it. Austin is professional and listens to your needs and then gets to work. Every time you feel brand new! More...


Kim RoguePlay

7 March 2017

A friendly, knowledgeable and reliable clinic delivering expert treatment and advice. Easy to find, easy to book and affordable. I would highly recommend.