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Life coaching to help achieving personal goals and improve life.
Counselling to deal with emotional issues such as stress, fears and phobias, and other anxiety related issues
Thought Field Therapy to quickly treat and eliminate fears, phobias, PTSD and other anxiety related issues

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20 September 2019

Since meeting Peter my life has changed dramatically for the better. I spoke to a few people in what felt like an emergency cry for help and the moment I made contact with Peter despite the anti social hour I just knew I was going to be able to work with him. He has helped me look at how I view things and work specifically with grief and anger related to childhood trauma. My anger has lessoned dramatically since our sessions and I am more in control of my life. I have now moved on to couples therapy with Peter and my partner and I both have a good relationship with him. I cannot recommend Peter and Better Lives more. He really does make your life better. Thank you! More...


Sarah Hall

3 July 2019

I first spoke to Peter on the phone as I was reaching out for help with depression and he has been recommended via Bark. He listened to me for about an hour. He was patient, kind, gentle, intelligent, empathetic, compassionate and genuinely seemed to care and to want to help. And he still is and does. Peter has been my 'life coach' for several months now. I call him that because not only does he listen, but he truly engages and offers insights, suggestions, follow up and advice. We talk online as he lives a distance from me, which means we can 'meet' when it suits me, but still maintain privacy. I am beginning to make progress and have noticed a shift in my thinking and thought patterns. Peter has definitely been worth the time and investment. More...



16 March 2019

Meeting Peter really helped me to get perspective in my life. He is brilliant at reading between the lines of emotional state and unlocking the true meanings and evidence behind our feelings and how they impact and consume us on a day to day basis. Ongoing sessions are helping me come out of an anxiety and depression state, and are starting to help me live the life I want, on my terms. This is creating huge benefits for my work and family life. Highly recommend reaching out to him! More...

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Seeing my clients grow in conficence and seeing how their stress levels go down as they get rid of their anxieties, fears, phobeas and PDSD

The desire to help individuals improve their lives as I was once helped on the way to a better and far more enjoyable life

Personal and down to earth approach.
Integrety. I will never drag our counselling or coaching beyond what is necessary for my clients to "fly solo"
Membership of the British Psychologial Society ensures adherence to ethical guidelines.
I am happy to work over the phone or online.


Helping clients setting realistic and achievable goals and creating a route map of getting there. By using Thought Field Therapy I can resolve emotional blockages that get in the way of achieving the desired outcomes

I specialise in anxiety based issues and use a combination of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and TFT (thought field therapy). CBT is effective in reality checking negative thoughts and changing behaviour to a more positive approach to life. TFT is a gentle and quick way of reducing or curing fears, phobias, PTSD and other anxiety related issues.