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Jessica Jordan

4 September 2018

We had a wonderful time rehearsing and performing with Belletete. Friday night dance parties are super fun too!


Lori Tuttle Tarket

4 September 2018

We just started summer dance today and loved it! My daughter adores Miss Meghan ♡ and we love her new studio!


Erin Casey

4 September 2018

Mrs. Meg is awesome! Super talented and knowledgable! She is warm and encouraging to all her dancers.


Nicole Durand Derr

4 September 2018

My daughter is loving Miss Meghan's class. We are new to the dance world and are very glad to have landed at Belletete from the beginning!


Amanda Libby Farnum

4 September 2018

My daughter has never done dance and after her first lesson at the studio she knows so much than before. She has been working so hard this wk on what she learned and is beyond excited for her next lesson.


Sarah Ash

4 September 2018

Meghan has been teaching my daughter dance for 7 years now, there's a reason for that. Tutorial and Instruction is so wonderful. It's a great family of dance to be a part of. More...


Christopher Ouellette

4 September 2018

If you are looking for dance classes for your kids, may I recommend that you check out Miss Megan over at Belletete Ballet Studio. I have rarely seen someone so attentive tot he needs of young people. She is not only the perfect mix of "this needs to be done right" and "you are young and this is what you can handle and what you need." She also thinks through every aspect of her education to be best for them. When getting ready for a recital, she would always sit in front of the kids so she would be at the same height as when they were on the stage and she was standing on the floor. She also let parents take video of the rehearsal, but only from behind so that children watching the video would no get confused about right and left. Her attention to detail is matched by her love for the students, love for the art, and ability to bring those together beautifully.
The studio also offers special activities like dance parties and aroma dance. They are well worth checking out.

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