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Bamboo Nine - A Premier Google Partner Agency:
Bamboo Nine was established in 2013, born out of frustration in regards to how perceived ‘big’ agencies give little time and resources to their ‘clients’ and more towards their profit margins.


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James Burton

26 March 2019

Chris and the team are experts who genuinely care about our business and providing best value. Open and honest at all times - they are really refreshing to deal with.


Claire Owens

27 October 2018

Without a doubt the most honest, upfront and professional digital marketing agency I have dealt with. As someone that needed hand holding through the whole process, Chris made every effort to help me understand how it all works which no other agency had ever taken the time to do. Chris has always been on the end of the phone for any questions I've had and my client base has grown thanks to the bespoke service he provided. I too am one of those neurotic clients and Chris has always remained calm and confident whenever I have (unnecessarily) panicked. Highly recommend! More...


Steve Ceaton

23 July 2018

Not the cheapest, but the most ethical and effective digital marketing company I know.


paul morton

25 May 2018

If you are considering an agency to handle your on line advertising. Go no where else ! these guys CARE and work with you to maximise your ROI. Solid sound advice and a can do attitude. Save TIME,MONEY and WORRY and let these guys lead you into profit. More...


Les Fisher

25 May 2016

These guys are the Best! They do what they say and you get the results they say. I am now getting more leads than i can cope with! Also always there 24/7 to deal with a neurotic paranoid controlling unreasonable customer (thats Me!) I have tried four other so called SEO and Adwords agencies before, and none were a patch on these guys.Highly recommended! More...


Barry Reynolds

19 November 2015

Ian is a nice guy to work with a very knowledgeable on PPC


Our culture, our passion, our employees and our customers. To be accountable and loyal to our clients every day, as they pay our bills at the end of the day!

We love talking facts. We don’t create ‘stories’ in order to explain our actions and results. We believe in complete transparency. To achieve this, we make sure that you own your AdWords account. You pay Google, or any publisher in that fact, direct. We do not take a margin on your media spend. We share all the keyword data we’ve collected with you. Why do we do this? Simply because we have nothing to hide, and we want to build trust. You don’t buy a car, but are not allowed to see the engine or own your keys. So why should AdWords be any different?

We want to change the public perception of a digital agency:
It is incredible (and not in a good way) the amount of times we have heard… “I’ve been promised the earth, and been let down before”… we will never let you down in regards to a lack of effort, passion, honesty or best endeavors. Why is this different? It’s different because you are not just a client to us, we take your successes and failures personally. We come from big corporate companies who only care for profit margins and bringing in new business and this meant poor service and attention to existing clients. We want to keep our clients, and grow with them.

Above all, we care about building your brand as much as ours:
This means we want our reputation to be second to none. We believe that to achieve this we have to serve our client to the best of our abilities. We truly believe we do this, every single day.

We don’t believe in contracts:
We want you to stay with us because we are delivering results and an unrivaled service, not because you are tied to us. This is very important to us. We want to be judged on results. You will never leave an agency that is proving ROI and service. If we don’t, we won’t be surprised if you want to leave. Mutual respect is what we striving for, and this is why we have a 97% retention rate.



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