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Do you get referrals/recommended by clients and contacts?

If so, what are you doing to leverage this great source of business?

I think we all agree referred prospects are far more likely to turn in to real business than leads and often price is much less of an issue.



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I have a vision to help 1000 business owners, earn more, work less and have time to do the things they choose to do through referrals for life.

I love to help people which is why I joined the police service in 1983, unfortunately it wasn't helping people as much as I envisaged, however now I help people achieve their dreams every day!

As a 14 year old boy I remember my Grandfather passing away, he lived in the same house as us, this was the first time I had lost someone.

It was a shock, to say the least, I couldn’t understand how I was never going to see him again. How was I going to get back that time with him? Eventually it sunk in, I wasn’t. I wish I had spent more time getting to know him, hanging out, having fun, but now couldn’t.

This is the first time I realised how precious time and what you do with it is, you can never get it back. Now that I am somewhat older, as all of us I have lost other important people in my life which has just reinforced my belief, we need to find as much time as possible to do the things we want to do with those important people in our lives.

This is why I have a passion for helping business owners earn more, work less and receive referrals in to their target market consistently enabling them to do so.

If your a business owner with passion, drive and want to grow your business with the right clients, in the right market and have more time and you fit the following criteria I can help you:-

Are you a business owner with a business established at least 2 years?

Do you live or is your business based in Essex/Herts or East London?

Are you an entrepreneurial type?

Do you understand the importance & benefits of self-development?

Where do you want your business to be this time next year!

Interested? Call for a chat 07806 701156 or message here or email me at kimw@asentiv.com for something different to an average business consultant or business coach.
I can help to create you an amazing business and spectacular lifestyle.

My wife passed away at the age of 28 leaving me with two small children. I was a police officer at the time and was no longer able to do shift work. I looked for a business that I could start that gave me the flexibility to spend very important time with my children and this was the best decision I ever made for my family.

Having owned my own business for 20 years as well as having a passion to help others, one of the reasons I joined the police service, I understand the challenges to achieve the goals and vision one has. We often get stuck working in our business or cannot see how to get to the next level. I can help to get past and way beyond these limiting factors and show you that these challenges are not brick walls but just hurdles for us to jump over and race to the goal.