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23 July 2018

I spent a very interesting day with Alison and inspired me to start to declutter. I started in my wardrobes and am half way thro. I have started to look at other areas in a different light as well. Thanks for a great day and I also enjoyed the company of the ladies who shared the day. More...

23 July 2018

I had a call with Alison this morning and we talked about the clutter in my home. I didn't realise, until I started talking to someone outside of my home life and really having to describe my house, how much the clutter was affecting me. Our call opened my eyes and inspired me to make a change and it was such great motivation that I started straight away. I took Alison's advice of a little at a time and sorted one kitchen cupboard and one work surface. I'm amazed at the difference and can't wait to do more! Thank you Alison! I'm looking forward to showing you my progress :) x x More...

23 July 2018

I attended Alison's day course. She asked us about our problem areas in the home and we gave her detailed descriptions. Alison then spoke with each of us in turn, giving us possible solutions for those problems. I learned a lot both from Alison's advice both to me and others in the group. Alison showed us around her home and we asked questions about storage etc. It was very useful and informative. Alison's serene, uncluttered home was an inspiration to see and it really helped to motivate me to do a lot of decluttering too. Decluttering is a chore, but when you see how your home could look and function, it gives you that extra push to do it More...

23 July 2018

Thank you Ann-Marie good luck with the move, and the wedding of course. xx

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